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Real Residents, Real Stories, Real Fun

November 15, 2021
Couple walking their dog at Kissing Tree in San Marcos, TX

At Brookfield Residential Texas, we pride ourselves on building some of the best places to call home. While we know we create great communities, we also know that the best part of them is the people who live there. That’s why we love to use our real residents to help market and share what makes these neighborhoods so special. Whether it’s for commercials or digital and print ads, there’s no one better to tell the story of our communities than the people who get to experience them every day.

Check out some of the ways we use our real homeowners to tell the story of our great neighborhoods:

Porch Portraits

What started as a way to commemorate all the crazy changes at the beginning of the pandemic by capturing resident photos from a safe distance on their front porch, turned into a fun way to hear what our new homeowners loved about their home and neighborhood. As the project progressed, we learned all about the colorful lives our residents have led and the way they give a great voice to what it means to live in the community. The end result has been genuine testimonial that is far more compelling than any “concept” could be.

Couple in front of their home at Kissing Tree by Brookfield Residential in San Marcos, TX

During our Porch Portrait sessions at Kissing Tree, we got to hear all the reasons residents decided to make the move. Whether it was to enjoy retirement and be closer to family, take advantage of the amazing collection of amenities, the lifestyle the community offered, or the outdoor living available with the nice weather, they all knew a home in Kissing Tree could provide exactly what they were looking for. We had so much fun and the residents loved learning more about the neighbors that we continued the sessions!

Young couple with their dog in front of their home at Easton Park by Brookfield Residential in Austin, TX

Easton Park may have a different vibe than Kissing Tree, but we knew our homeowners would have just as much fun sharing their stories so we brought our Porch Portrait sessions over with great results. We heard how our young families were drawn to the lifestyle they could give to their kids, how the floor plans matched their vision of a dream home, how the community was a peaceful place to unwind after work, and how good neighbors have become great friends.

After hearing the enthusiasm all of our residents shared, we knew they were the best ones to tell the story of their community. So when it came time to create commercials for local streaming services, we knew exactly who we needed to participate.

Residents socializing and having fun at Kissing Tree by Brookfield Residential in San Marcos, TX

All roads lead to Kissing Tree

When Kissing Tree residents first meet, they always trade stories about where they’re from – and they’re from all over! No matter where they started, they all got here as soon as they could. Playing off the theme that “All Roads Lead to Kissing Tree,” we created a local streaming service commercial spot showcasing real residents coming together at The Mix using all kinds of transportation – golf carts, e-bikes, motorcycles, convertibles, kayaks, and their own two feet. With the help of the Kissing Tree lifestyle director, Kevin Wilson, we were able to connect with homeowners who were game to participate however and whenever. The ending scene shows everyone arriving at The Mix for festivities and it just so happened that we were filming on a Tuesday night which is when there’s live music at Independence Hall. The final spot gives viewers an authentic look at Kissing Tree – real residents having real experiences and fun.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes details and watch the video here:

Residents working and having fun at Easton Park by Brookfield Residential in Austin, TX

The real people at Easton Park

As we did our Porch Portraits, we learned what a diverse group of residents call Easton Park home. From teachers and healthcare workers to musicians, entrepreneurs, and chefs, all walks of life have put down roots at Easton Park to make it truly one of the best places to call home. Just like our residents at Kissing Tree, these homeowners were enthusiastic about participating in the shoot for the streaming spot. In fact, their authentic joy was so contagious the commercial director, Taylor Stanley from Forest and Pine, joined the waitlist for a home in Easton Park the day after the shoot.  

Read more about the shoot here and check out the video below:


Experience the excitement for yourself

The best way to experience Kissing Tree and Easton Park is to be here. Come visit us today and learn why these are two of the best places to call home. We’ll be expecting you!