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Brookfield Cares About Denver Parks

September 28, 2022
Brookfield Residential team members volunteering at a park in Denver, CO

Our core values – passion, integrity, and community – focus on doing the right thing. We’re committed to making a positive impact wherever we do business.

Throughout the year, the Denver team volunteers through our corporate philanthropy program, Brookfield Cares, which aims to make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate. Our goal is to use both our financial and human resources to help enrich the community with a focus on four areas: homelessness, youth & education, health & wellness, and the environment.

As a land developer and homebuilder, we aim to seamlessly blend our communities with nature. Preserving and building outdoor spaces is important for conservation along with creating an enjoyable place for residents to visit.

Brookfield Residential team members shoveling mulch at a park in Denver, CO

Earlier this month, our team partnered with the City of Denver on their park restoration efforts to assist in some good ol’ fashioned hand-to-earth work that included mulching trees at Bear Creek Park in Lakewood, CO (near our vibrant community Solterra).

Park restoration is important for promoting wellness, clean air, creating a connection space, keeping kids active, increasing property values, conserving wild areas, lowering temperatures, and so much more.

We’ve always been community-focused, passionate about doing the right thing, and giving back. We know that collectively we are able to maximize our outreach efforts and make a significant difference throughout the community. Through Brookfield Cares, we have the opportunity to show up as one Brookfield team and make an even greater impact in the community by working together.

Be sure to follow our blog to see what our team is up to next and explore where we build in Colorado. We’ll be expecting you!