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How to Design a Master Suite You'll Love In Your SoCal Home

February 12, 2019
Ideas for creating your dream master suite in your SoCal home

One of the most exciting parts about buying a new SoCal home is the process of filling the space and decorating it with your favorite items. The master suite is one room that often becomes an afterthought, because the focus tends to be on decorating the main living areas of the home. At Brookfield Residential SoCal, we want to make sure your master suite is your sanctuary, so we gathered some tips to inspire your bedroom and bathroom décor.

Make a Statement
Using your bed as a focal point, you can add drama to the room and define the space by including the right stylish statement pieces. Create a lounge or reading nook by placing an armchair and ottoman in a cozy corner. Add a bold lamp and some thoughtful wall art to express your personality. The right rug can really pull the room together as well. Be sure to consider proportions and placement for your rug. Find one that is large enough to cover the area around the bed or gather a few complementary rugs to run along the sides or front of the bed.

Ideas for defining the space in your dream master-suite in your SoCal home.

Have a Feature Wall
There are many different feature wall styles that can make the boring white wall behind your bed stand out. Choose from wallpaper with an interesting print, a bold color of paint or a textured material, such as shiplap, to give your bedroom more dimension or add warmth to the space.

Use a feature wall to add dimension and warmth to your dream master-suite in your SoCal home.

Add Soft Touches
What is a bed without beautiful bedding? Once you’ve decided on a color palette for your room, you can start shopping for décor accessories. No matter the bedding you choose, you can add depth to your perfectly made bed by mixing and matching pillow sizes as well as prints and solids. Don’t hesitate to play around with the pillow arrangement to find a look you love. A cozy blanket at the foot of the bed or over the back of your armchair will give it yet another soft touch. Breathe life into your bedroom by switching them out over time.

This same practice can be applied to the bathroom with towels and bath rugs by placing a few different-sized towels out in the open. Put matching hand towels by the sink and clean bath towels out on a shelf or hook to make it feel more inviting and spa-inspired.

Breathe life into your bedroom with these ideas for your dream master-suite in your SoCal home.

Accent with Plants
Greenery can make a huge difference in the ambiance of your master suite. Small plants are an especially sophisticated addition to any bathroom, and it should be easy to find a planter that’s cohesive with the rest of your décor.

Ideas for creating your dream master-suite in your SoCal home.

Now that you’ve designed your dreamy master suite, you can look forward to resting easy in your new Brookfield SoCal home.

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