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Cool Treats in Orange County

July 10, 2018
Cool Treats in Orange County Irvine in Orange County CA Brookfield Residential

The sun is shining and the beach is calling, which means you’ll be looking for some cool treats to beat the heat this summer in Orange County. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite treats to help you chill out when things heat up. 

There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot day, and Somisomi at the Irvine Spectrum Center serves a Taiyaki soft serve perfect for any foodie with a sweet tooth. A Korean creation that comes in a goldfish-shaped waffle cone with colorful toppings and ice cream swirls, this dessert looks as good as it tastes, so make sure to take a picture before you dig in.

For more traditional ice cream options in Orange County, indulge your sweet tooth at Strickland’s Frozen Custard, reminiscent of simpler times with homemade milkshakes, banana splits and lots of cherries on top. And for all the fro-yo lovers, Menchie's is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy all your favorite flavors in one place…and maybe one cup!

Boba’s always a good idea after a day at the beach, and Milk Box has delicious boba, tea and a cool new business model where you “pay what you can.” That’s right, there are no prices at this Boba hotspot, just great drinks and a suggestion. You can pay more, pay less or pay nothing at all. There are two convenient locations – one in Mission Viejo and one in Tustin.

Last on our Orange County frozen treats tour is the ultimate in refreshing summer eats – popsicles! Front Porch Pops in Santa Ana has everything you need to feel like a kid at camp. Using fresh fruits and local ingredients, these frozen treats will make any day feel like summer.

Now that you’re feeling cool, check out the new homes at Delano at Eastwood Village, Beverly at Eastwood Village and Legado at Portola Springs. All of these new Irvine neighborhoods have the stunning new homes you’ve been searching for in Orange County – just a short drive from the beach and all the refreshing treats you need. Visit today and say hello. We’ll be expecting you!

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