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May Links We Love

May 26, 2016
2016 May Links We Love Brookfield Residential

May is a great time to refresh and prepare your outdoor spaces for summer. Here are the Links We Love for May.

Add simple elements to your bathroom to create a DIY Spa Sanctuary. Bring the spa aroma home with fragrant candles and diffusion sticks. Use fresh, vibrant flowers to add some instant appeal. Roll luxurious linens instead of folding to bring in that indulgent ambience.

Indigo hues inspire boho vibes. Enhance your space with the stunning color and patterns offered through these textiles. Indigo fabrics look beautiful as throw pillows, bedding, blankets, curtains and even patio décor!

Coordination is key when stylishly staging art throughout your home. Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar Blog breaks down some great art styling and framing techniques for every art enthusiast. Find out more on elegantly placing mismatched frames together and the benefits of propping art.

Prepare for summer parties with a list of outstanding outdoor pieces. Host a cocktail party with charming glass dispensers and beautiful, summery table runners. Bring the whole family together for a barbecue and keep condiments fresh with a tray that sits over ice. Gorgeous metal lanterns and delicate string lights will invite guests to sit outside on warm evenings.

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