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June Links We Love

May 30, 2017
A designer decorated living room
Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for our June Links We Love. The start of every season comes with new décor trends to be on the lookout for. We’ve rounded up a few favorites that should be making a splash.

COLORFUL COOKWARE – From everyday pots and pans to coffee mugs and dishes, colorful cookware has been making waves in the kitchen. Whether large or small, brightly colored accents can make all the difference. Using cookware as home décor is a great alternative storage solution, and the colorful pieces look great on display. Add pops of color throughout and start displaying those Le Creusets and artful platters you don’t have the space to hide, it’s the perfect summer look.

MIX AND MATCH – You know that wallpaper you always loved but you thought was too busy? Good news, it’s time to mix and match those bold patterns, textures and styles you’ve had your eye on. Summer is the perfect time to get adventurous with home décor, so unpack those statement pieces and make the move towards a textured wall or accent, you’ll be surprised what goes together once it’s all set up.

CIRCLE BACK – Last year was all about clean lines and sharp points, this year is taking a more well-rounded approach. Circles are in – and bringing a fun, mod look with them. Circular designs feel fresh and new compared with their more cornered counterparts. Try this trend out with a circular mirror, frame or even a larger piece like a circular side table. It’s the updated look you didn’t know you needed.

Now let the home décor daydreams begin. Happy Summer!