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How to Cozy Up Your Home for the Winter

December 11, 2018
Cozy winter decor ideas for your new home

As the days get longer and winter weather makes its way to Southern California, there’s no better time to make your new Brookfield Residential home reflect the cozy mood these cooler climates bring. Regardless of how much holiday décor you have out when winter begins, these winter decoration tips will keep your home cozy long after Christmas.

Bring Out the Blankets 

It may seem obvious, but blankets and pillows can easily add a layer of warmth and pop of color to your décor without taking up too much space. The way these items are displayed when they aren’t in use can have a big impact on just how comfortable your home feels. Try throwing a knit blanket over the back of your sofa for added texture or designate a cute basket in the living room where they can be folded and stored. This blog has many other great ideas for styling any room with pillows and blankets throughout the year.

Cozy winter decor ideas with blankets for your new home

Rely on Rugs

Keep your feet warm while adding a winter decoration dimension to your living space with a chic area rug. Rugs are great for isolating some of the heat in your home. Get inspired to find rugs that will work in your bedroom, living room or bathroom so your toes will always have a comfy place to step.

Holiday decorating with rugs for your new home

Create a Mood with Candles and Lighting

Now’s your chance to finally use all those tea lights and candles you’ve been collecting. Dim the lights and set the scene with the warm glow of your favorite candle(s). Choose a scented candle to give the room even more ambience. There are all kinds of ways to use candles as winter decorations – find the ones that suit your unique sensibilities.

Supply Snacks

Having a few snacks on hand is great for when unexpected guests arrive or when you’re lounging around the house on chilly winter days. To be sure you’re always covered in the snack department, keep an assortment of nuts, dried fruit or chocolates in your pantry that can be set out in a stylish snack bowl on demand.

Cozy winter decor ideas with candles and pine cones for your new home

With these tips, we’re sure the Southern California winter months are going to be some of your favorites in your Brookfield Residential home. So cozy up and enjoy! #BestPlacesToCallHome