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Creating a New Home Wish List

February 03, 2016
Couple sits in kitchen and reviews home wish list on a tablet

Welcome to Homebuying 101! Our new blog series introduces you to what you need to know about buying a new home in Southern California.

Buying a new home can be daunting, and there are so many options to consider. To help ease the process, let’s talk about creating a new home wish list and what it should include.

Get Inspired:

First things first – Start searching! Between Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and fashion magazines, there are so many places to get inspired and find your style. When browsing, consider features that catch your eye and design aesthetics that you would like in your next home.

Location, Location, Location:

What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? Hip, modern and walkable? Family-friendly with community parks? Are you looking for up-and-coming or a more established community? Would you prefer an up-and-coming community or somewhere that is more established?

A few signs of an up-and-coming community include new restaurants and shops coming to the area. It’s extremely important to do your research to find a location that suits your needs and has the perfect amount of amenities you want for yourself or your family.

Consider the School District and your Commute:

If you have children or plan to have children, will your kids be in the same school district or will they have to change schools? How will your commute time be affected, and is your desired neighborhood close to a freeway or public transportation hub? You won’t want to leave these items off the list!

How Many…?:

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet are important to you? How many cars does your family own, and how big do you want the garage to be? Lastly, how much do you own, and how much storage are you looking for in your next home? These questions will help guide you to the home that will best fit your family, your cars and your lifestyle.

Make Your List:

Now that you have thought through style, design, location, convenience and size, you are ready to create a wish list. Print it out and bring it along on your house hunt! Every time you tour a home, it will be helpful to have this list with you so you can check off the items that are most important to you and the ones you can live without.

Happy house hunting! Our next installments of Homebuying 101 will cover:

● The loan process and how to get qualified for your next home

● The pros of buying new construction

● Tips for first-time homebuyers

● Purchasing a luxury home

● …and more!

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