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June 16, 2016
2016 Apple Brookfield Residential

At Brookfield Residential, we offer homebuyers the ability to customize their home as a part of our new home design experience. One of the biggest innovative opportunities we see is the ability to offer technology that both adds joy and convenience and also makes a home more energy efficient. Apple HomeKit embodies these principles by offering a simple, secure and convenient way to control smart accessories such as your lights, door locks, shades or thermostats. This week, at Apple WWDC annual conference, we excitingly announced that we’ll be offering an Apple HomeKit and Apple TV package to new homebuyers.

“Similar to the concept of the ‘quantified self’ for people, our automation-ready spaces will measure its overall performance, health [metrics] like air quality and tell you what’s being used efficiently (and what’s not), with the help of sensors and monitors,” said Adrian Foley, COO and president of Brookfield Residential California.

Along with other homebuilders including KB Home, Lennar Homes and R&F Properties, we look forward to unveiling details throughout the year.

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