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Public Art in the Heart of Vibrant Communities

April 24, 2018
Public art at Westwind Park in the vibrant community of Playa Vista California

Art is our way of adding color, beauty and texture to our daily lives. With this in mind, Brookfield Residential is taking artistic expression to the next level by bringing art into the community for the world to see. From modern sculptures to imaginative spaces, we’re incorporating public works of art to enhance environments and transform our vibrant community landscapes—ultimately creating places where people can thrive.

At Paisely in Edmonton, Canada, we let creativity light the way for families, residents and the community with innovative outdoor spaces. Imagine a series of modern sculptures that are monochromatic by day and slowly change colors and patterns throughout the night. Now picture the sculptures becoming more animated as you walk in front of them. With different looks every evening, we’ve found a creative way to keep people engaged from near and far while adding a unique sense of style.

Animated art sculptures in the vibrant community of Paisley in Edmonton, Canada

When it comes to bringing people together with artistic community planning, Playa Vista, California, puts imagination front and center. Here, the artfully designed Campus Central Park Bandshell invites neighbors to connect and interact with concerts, movies and events in the park.

The artfully designed Campus Central Park Bandshell in the vibrant community of Playa Vista, CA

Westwind Park’s public art expresses beauty and wonder with oversized birdhouses and giant bird-like topiaries inspired by the wildlife at the neighboring freshwater marsh. Residents can also take in the heritage of Playa Vista at Fountain Park, where a dramatic mosaic tile fountain showcases the rich cultural and natural history of the area among a scenic park setting. Whether you’re looking to share with neighbors, learn something new or simply admire the sights, there’s an artsy spot for it all.

The vibrant community of Playa Vista expresses beauty with oversized birdhouse sculptures and dramatic title fountain 

For an art piece that starts conversations, Seton in Calgary, Canada, brings the intrigue and the fun. It’s all about Boney, the whimsical nine-foot tall purple dog with his eyes set on the matching purple bone on the roof of the neighboring building. With a street-side location, this contemporary sculpture comes with places to sit, gather and take it all in. By integrating this unique work of art in a busy medical plaza, we’ve figured out a way to bring color and excitement to every part of this vibrant community.

Boney, the nine-foot purple dog, brings unique excitement to the vibrant community of Seton in Calgary, Canada 

Whether it’s in a plaza, off the street or at the park, Brookfield Residential puts public art in the spotlight—because it’s engaging, transformative and an essential ingredient in creating the best places to call home.