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Giving Back and Growing Forward

October 24, 2019
Executives at Community Event Brookfield Residential

Passion, integrity and community. Those are our values, and everything we do embodies them, from building new home communities to planning community-building events. We’re honored to take part in local philanthropic and give-back initiatives, because together we strive to make a positive difference in the communities in which we operate.

From executives donating their time to team members planting flowers, we’re here to highlight a few of the many community outreach programs we’ve had the privilege of being involved in. We’re proud of our team members who devote their time to giving back and inspired by our nonprofit partners, because we believe that making positive contributions to the quality of life and well-being of members in the community benefits many generations to come.

Project Destined

L: Students at Basketball Camp; R: Students Presenting | Project Destined | Los Angeles, CA

At Brookfield Residential, we understand the power of real estate in transforming people’s lives, not only when buying a new home but also as an exciting and rewarding career path. This is why we’re proud to support Project Destined, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers underserved communities by providing a real estate-based education program with training in financial literacy and leadership development. Recently we partnered with Project Destined and the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation (LYF) to give 60 Los Angeles high school students mentorship and the opportunity to learn about real estate development. They also got a memorable basketball session with Lakers basketball legends courtesy of LYF. At the end of the program, the groups of students presented in front of Brookfield Residential executives and $30,000 of scholarships were awarded to the winning team.

Shelter House

HomeAid is an organization that provides safe, stable, dignified housing and support services to individuals and families in need. The Shelter House project in Washington evolved from our continued partnership with HomeAid and involved deconstructing a temporary model home to use as much of the materials as possible for a re-model project. The remaining materials were donated to Community Forklift, a nonprofit that runs a second-hand building-material store.

Resolve Campaign

Through our Chairman & CEO Alan Norris, we spearheaded the Resolve Campaign, which fundraised to provide 6,000 beds and shelter for those in need in Calgary. The efforts made it possible to provide affordable and supported rental housing for over 1,825 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. This housing has changed the lives of thousands of people and lowered the cost of taxpayer-funded social services so tax dollars can be allocated elsewhere.

Nova’s Ark

Golden Retriever

Nova’s Ark is a nonprofit farm in the Greater Toronto Area near Whitby that allows people of all ages and abilities to have up-close and personal interactions with therapy animals. Volunteer peer mentors work with visitors to deliver a unique educational experience that helps build communication and social skills, positively impacting all involved. Nova’s Ark continues to grow, and we are supporting the owner, Mary-Ann Nova, through navigating the policy and building-permit process. The goal is to get approval on a programming building so she can expand and license the operation and continue to benefit her community.

Blooming Brookfield

L: Daffodils; R: Branded Bags | Blooming Brookfield Event in Brighton, CO

For the past few years, the Brookfield Residential Colorado team has participated in the annual “Blooming Brookfield” event, where employees take time to pack and deliver complimentary flower bulbs to all homeowners in the Midtown, Barefoot Lakes and Brighton Crossings communities. This year, the team delivered 38,000 tulip bulbs in community-branded bags to 1,997 homeowners. It’s a fun and fresh way to build a connection as neighbors and enjoy the springtime display of colorful flowers together.

Creating the best places to call home goes beyond the homes we build and sell to customers. We don’t just build communities, we community build. And it is our mission to give back to the places, spaces and organizations that are marking a difference in people’s lives.