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DIY Gifts For Every Grad

May 16, 2016
2016 DIY Gifts for Every Grad Brookfield Residential

Graduation season is upon us! Here are some great DIY gifts for the grad in your life.

If you know the graduate is moving out of state for their next step, this Home Is Where the Heart Is gift is perfect. Create a charming piece of art that features their home state, so they always have a reminder of home no matter where they wind up.

Make a Charming Cheer, gold bar bracelet for the recent grad to wear on interviews. This simple, yet elegant jewelry goes with almost any outfit. It serves as a wonderful reminder people are with them throughout their journey.

Give them a head start in organizing with this Delightful Desk Decor. A stylish message board is multi-functional, serving as an accent piece above a desk and the perfect planning piece.  Personalize the board by pinning up inspirational messages and photos that spark joyous memories.

Graduates have heard, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” a million times. Give them a good laugh with a Wooded Wealth money tree! Use dollar bills to create the “flowers” on the tree. They will appreciate this inventive way of giving money and can use the pot to plant new life into their home.

Send them off with a Good Things to Come gift basket. Include their favorite treats along with printable inspirational messages. Get creative with the basket choice to make it even more unique. Put food-related items and a recipe book in a strainer, wrapped with a bow. An alternative is to place items in a wooden crate that can be used as storage once the gift basket is emptied.