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Top 3 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

August 05, 2020
Interior view of the kitchen at 50 Ann in Bolton Ontario

Is it time to downsize your home? There’s been a growing opinion amongst homeowners that bigger doesn’t always mean better. After the boom of McMansions and generous estate homes, there’s been a rising trend in downsizing. After all, who isn’t tempted by the appeal of worry-free, low-maintenance living? Surely time is better spent enjoying life than doing chores. With contemporary boutique condominiums or bungalow townhomes to choose from, you’re sure to find the best home to help maximize your life.

Here are three reasons why it’s a good option to downsize:

Reduced Costs

Smaller spaces are much more environmentally efficient so you’ll spend less to heat and cool your home. Similarly, price points for condos and bungalows are much lower resulting in lower mortgage payments, real estate taxes, and insurance giving you more money to put towards savings or play. A smaller floor plan also requires less décor and furnishings resulting in you spending less to style and design your home.

Blue couch in the living room at 50 Ann in Bolton Ontario

Reduced Clutter

Inherently, when you move from a larger home to a smaller one, you’re forced to eliminate clutter and embrace simplicity. While it may be overwhelming and hard to part with items that may carry sentimental memories, it can be helpful to think of it as moving into a new phase of life that is more relaxing and fun. Also, an abundance of things sitting around can cause visual stress. Things are in the way; you can’t find what you need – it can be a source of underlying anxiety that you just don’t need.

Marble ensuite with dark cabinets at Pathways in Caledon East Ontario

Simplified Lifestyle

Now you have more time to live life to the fullest. Moving into a condo or bungalow eliminates a lot of tasks that can keep you from doing the things that bring you joy. You don’t have to worry about spending your weekend mowing the lawn, pressure washing the driveway, and weeding the flower beds. You’ve also eliminated rooms you no longer need to vacuum and dust. A smaller home takes less time to maintain and gives you more time for hobbies, recreation, or travel. 

With elegant condos at 50 Ann in Bolton and bungalow townhomes at Pathways in Caledon East, it’s time to experience the best of both worlds. Spend less time doing chores and more time enjoying onsite amenities, a strong sense of community, and a worry-free, low maintenance lifestyle. Connect with our sales team to learn how you can make one of these premier communities your best place to call home.