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Discover Main-Level Living in the DC Area

June 13, 2022
Kitchen and dining area in Savoy II at Heritage Shores by Brookfield Residential in Bridgeville, DE

In the last few years, homebuyers have placed a higher importance on finding a home that offers main-level living. Main-level living is as it sounds – your key living spaces, including your primary bedroom and ensuite, are all located on the main level of your home. Homebuyers are drawn to the accessibility, potential for a lower maintenance home, added convenience of not going up and down stairs, as well as stunning open concept living.

With your choice of main-level living floor plans and communities designed for every lifestyle, Brookfield Residential offers main-level living opportunities throughout the DC area. Follow along to learn more about the benefits of main-level living as well as find your own best place to call home.

Primary bedroom and ensuite in Savoy II at Heritage Shores by Brookfield Residential in Bridgeville, DE

1. Easy accessibility

It seems obvious, but shouldn’t be overlooked – the attraction of main-level living is the fact that everything you need is on your main level. That means no going up and down stairs for your everyday tasks. Some homes that offer main-level living have an upper floor that is perfectly suited for overnight guests, additional storage, or additional gathering areas to spend time with the family. You get the perks of main-level living while having space for everyone.

Stereotypically, main-level living is often thought to be ideal for retirees only, but it’s actually well-suited to a wide range of people, needs, and lifestyles. Parents of young children may find relief knowing their toddler won’t be navigating up and down the stairs. Families with pets don’t have to worry about them tumbling down and getting hurt. Hosting holiday gatherings becomes slightly less stressful knowing your home can safely accommodate everyone in your family, even if they’re just visiting. Main-level living offers peace of mind across every generation.

Interior view of open concept living in Savoy II at Heritage Shores by Brookfield Residential in Bridgeville, DE

2. Stunning open-concept living

Modern main-level living homes are designed to take advantage of the natural flow that comes from having everything you need on your main level. Square footage is used efficiently not only across the floor plan but up as well. These homes often feature high or vaulted ceilings, large windows to let in plenty of natural light, and gathering spaces that seamlessly flow together. Select a floor plan with a patio or sunroom and your living area expands even further into the outdoors.

Imagine a home that gives you an interrupted view from the front to the back from the moment you walk in. The connection between kitchen, dining, and living areas means your home is the perfect hub for entertaining. Even better? It’s easy to stay involved in the party and not miss a thing when there’s nothing blocking that connection.

Two tone kitchen in Beaumont at Cadence at Lansdowne by Brookfield Residential in Lansdowne, VA

3. Low-maintenance

When the spaces you use on a daily basis are all on the same level, cleaning becomes a less daunting task. You no longer have to haul the vacuum, mop, bucket, and duster up and down the stairs, you can keep your cleaning supplies in a convenient location on the main level or let the robot vacuum do the work and run free. Even if your floor plan has an upper level, chances are you aren’t using those spaces every day so they require a little less of your attention and time.

4. Versatility

Main-level living means that all your key living spaces, including your primary bedroom and ensuite are located on the main level of the home. While this can often mean the home itself is single level, it can also mean there are secondary spaces located on an upper level. Choosing a floor plan in this style offers versatility for how your home functions. Use the loft as a hang out space, make it a man cave perfect for watching your favorite sport, or turn it into the perfect crafting area.

Craft room in Riverton at Snowden Bridge by Brookfield Residential in Stephenson, VA

Secondary bedrooms located on the upper level are great for families not only because they offer privacy for the parents, but having the kids upstairs keeps them away from any party noise you may have downstairs. You can also use the upper level for your home office to give a better separation of “home life” and “work life.” Because your main-level is where you spend most of your time, having the office upstairs makes it easier to truly sign off when your work day is done.

5. High resale demand

We want your new Brookfield Residential home to be your forever home, but we know that life happens and a change in circumstances may mean you have to make another move. As a large portion of the population heads into their retirement years, homes offering main-level living are becoming increasingly desirable and valuable. Not only do these homes resale at a higher value, they often sell more quickly and easily.

Primary bedroom at Cadence at Lansdowne by Brookfield Residential in Lansdowne, VA

Even if you have no intention of selling your perfect home, the corresponding value is still beneficial and gives you more equity in your home. If you want to make your perfect home even better, you can draw against that equity for projects to make it even more uniquely yours. Expand that patio you love so much, revamp your ensuite to create a true spa-like experience, or create the kitchen of your dreams. You can always update the finishes, but it helps to have the bones of your perfect floor plan with main-level living.

Interior view of open concept living at Riverston at Snowden Bridge by Brookfield Residential in Stephenson, VA

We proudly offer a variety of main-level living homes in the DC area perfect for your lifestyle. Explore our floor plans and find your own best place to call home. When you’re ready to learn more, connect with our sales team for more information. We’ll be expecting you!

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