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4 Shelf Styling Tips from an Interior Designer

June 16, 2020
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Shelving is a great solution for providing storage options as well as showcasing beautiful pieces collected over the years. Curating your shelving is a simple and easy way to highlight items that tell a story, add visual interest, and help organize your space. Here are four easy tips from one of the Design Experts in Brookfield Residential DC to add some style to your shelving.

Hit the Books

Books are a great way to add visual interest and play up a room’s color palette with their vibrant covers. You can get creative with the placement of your books – stack both horizontally and vertically and vary directions between shelves. Create a color story with the covers to enhance the tone of your room. Place smaller decorative items on top of a stack of books such as a sculptural item, paperweight, ceramic bowl, or candle. Try displaying your books vertically in tight groups and anchor them with stylish bookends


Store It Away

Sometimes shelving has to play double duty and be both stylish and functional especially in spaces like a home office or craft room. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help you accomplish both goals. Elevate your containers with wicker, macramé or industrial wire baskets, acrylic organizers, and other chic storage bins.


Designate a shelf to a collection of personal prized items such as trophies, medals, or souvenirs from your travels. Think about how your collection will look as a whole – do the items stand better alone or grouped together? Would it showcase better when layered or will that look too cluttered? Take the time to edit your items to determine the right quantity without being busy and the right layout to add visual interest without becoming overwhelming.  

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Make It Pop! 

A great way to add a punch of personality to your shelving is to add a pop of color to the shelves. Go bold and paint out both the shelves and wall for a dramatic effect. Draw attention to the back of the shelf to create a sense of depth. Temporary peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add style to your space without the headache. Whatever your design preference may be, color or pattern is a great way to bring some life and energy to your shelving.

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