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Stylish Thanksgiving Table Décor

November 07, 2018
Stylish Thanksgiving Table Setting Brookfield Residential

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with friends and loved ones in your new Brookfield Residential home. Hosting gives you the opportunity to choose Thanksgiving table décor that not only matches your style but also evokes the cozy and inviting feeling of the season. That’s why we’ve put together some simple and stylish tips for how to make a tablescape that’s the center of attention at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Since it is autumn, the clear go-to for this type of Thanksgiving table décor is gourds and pumpkins. These are classic centerpiece accessories that will never go out of style but can be leveled up to really make a statement.

If you’re going for a cool California coastal look with blues and whites, add some mini white pumpkins for texture and a nod to the season. Wooden bowls or napkin rings and water hyacinth placemats will accentuate a more natural appeal, while gold accents create a stunning modern finish.

Stylish Thanksgiving table setting in a Southern California new home | Brookfield Residential

Show off your understated elegance with slightly darker tones and subtle contrasts. Or for a more modern look to your Thanksgiving decorations, use minimally patterned napkins and sprigs of rosemary to add a casual earthy touch that can be completed with a green centerpiece or cluster of tastefully painted gourds.

Finally, consider how your Thanksgiving table décor looks from above. Layers of flatware and inventive use of chargers will make your guests smile as they sit down to eat. Take the opportunity to add a personal element to let them know they are welcome in your home. Then let the Thanksgiving feast begin!

Now that your Thanksgiving decorations are set, find your favorite Thanksgiving recipes and get to cooking in your new Brookfield Residential SoCal kitchen. #BestPlacesToCallHome

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