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Making a Home at Marigold

January 08, 2019
First time homebuyers Marigold at New Haven in Ontario Ranch CA Brookfield Residential

Life in a Marigold home is everything first-time homebuyers Katie and Zack had hoped for, and more. Having moved inland from coastal Playa Vista, they were surprised to find the Brookfield Residential homes they’d come to love in a friendly Ontario Ranch community that offered enough space for them to grow as a family.

On their wish list: an open-concept living area, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a modern farmhouse style. Marigold ticked all those boxes. They knew the floor plan would provide them with plenty of room to entertain guests while still allowing for privacy, and the contemporary kitchen would be a great space to cook and spend time together. Even the location of their Ontario Ranch home within the New Haven community was perfect for them – close to the clubhouse pool!

Open-concept living area with farmhouse style | Marigold at New Haven in Ontario Ranch, CA | Brookfield Residential

Every weekend they visited the site to see the progress, and they made it a point to be involved in the customization to ensure their new house would feel like home.

This is where Katie’s distinct style came into play as she worked closely with the Brookfield Residential Design Studio to create the right ambiance. “Being able to build the kitchen by far was the most exciting process. It was tough because there were so many beautiful choices to select from,” she said.

Inspiring beautiful home decor | Marigold at New Haven in Ontario Ranch, CA | Brookfield Residential

When their home was complete, Katie’s eye for detail and knack for design, combined with Zack’s affinity for home projects, pushed them to go even further to make it their own. They created a built-in unit with a faux fireplace in their living room and added shiplap to the dining room to establish a feeling of separate spaces instead of one big open room.

Built-in unit with faux fireplace in living room and shiplap in dining room establishes a feeling of separate spaces | Marigold at New Haven in Ontario Ranch, CA | Brookfield Residential 

Katie and Zack’s beautiful home décor is inspiring for the amateur designer in us all. Katie tells us her inspiration comes from all over, but she enjoys using Instagram and Pinterest to give her concepts clear direction. “I am always saving pictures to my phone. It allows you to realize what you are naturally drawn to design-wise.” Her advice for designing a new home: take time to make it yours and try not to bring anything into your home that you don’t truly love.

Great tips for anyone ready to decorate their new Brookfield Residential home.

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