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Style, Family & Memories at Nectar at Spencer's Crossing

December 11, 2017
Dining table and bedroom in a home at Nectar at Spencer s Crossing

For a family with two young children, there are many important factors when it comes to searching for a home: a family-friendly neighborhood, good schools nearby and, of course, a large kitchen! When Justin and Ashley, along with Harlow (8) and Nixon (5), were looking for their new home, they found all that and more at Nectar at Spencer’s Crossing in Murrieta.

Justin, a local firefighter, and Ashley instantly fell in love with the open floor plan at Nectar, and, once they moved in, they immediately turned their brand-new house into a home that reflected their family’s own unique style.

Gourmet kitchen island at Nectar at Spencer’s Crossing

The kitchen island has become the true heart of their home, where Ashley often finds the entire family hanging out. And the oversized pantry with lots of storage doesn’t hurt either – as it holds the ingredients for baking with the kids or grilling outdoors with friends.

In addition to the stylish interior of their home, Justin and Ashley love what is just outside their front door – the welcoming community of Spencer’s Crossing. They enjoy the neighborly feel and having kids next door for their own children to play and grow up with. On top of that, their new home at Nectar is within walking distance to schools, features mountain views and is less than 15 minutes away from shopping and dining for the entire family.

Family smiling in front of their home at Nectar at Spencer’s Crossing

Brookfield Residential is proud to build the #BestPlacesToCallHome, and we’re so happy to provide Justin, Ashley and the family with the perfect residence and backdrop to turn their dream home into reality. They’ve found their place to fill with style, family and memories, and we know there’s so much more to come. Because, at Brookfield Residential, it’s not just about the home – it’s about the community, the neighborhood and the life you experience.

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