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March Links We Love

March 17, 2017
March Links We Love Brookfield Residential

With a new season comes new styles and home décor trends. From color palettes to organizational tips, this season is all about easy ways to update your home’s look and feel.

ORGANIZE –  Ideally everything should be in its place. A good tip is to make sure that everything has a place while still adding to the overall décor of a room. Help with clutter and add style to your home’s foyer with a decorative entryway organizer. Hang it on the wall or set it on a nearby table, having somewhere to put your keys, glasses and mail, and all the little things you may bring in at the end of the day can make a huge difference and help bring some color to a normally bare space.

ACCENT – Freshen up a room in a big way with an accent wall. Find a color or pattern that complements the décor and use the accent wall to tie it all together. Fun wallpaper with detailed designs or textures are also great alternatives to just one shade – changing the mood or ambiance in a more dramatic way. The best part? You can update the accent wall to incorporate new trends as seasons and styles change.

MIX – We’ve talked about spring cleaning in the past, but what about all those old knick-knacks and items rediscovered in the midst of that deep clean? Use these newly resurfaced pieces to incorporate a mix of old and new into the home. Décor should reflect your personal style and experience, so whether it’s photos found, grandma’s vase or a cute trinket from years ago, put it on display and embrace the past and present as one.

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