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Spring Cleaning Tips

February 27, 2017
Spring Cleaning Tips Brookfield Residential

As we say goodbye to winter, it’s time to refresh and renew the home with a little spring cleaning.

First things first, don’t get overwhelmed. The thought of deep cleaning a home can seem daunting, so stay organized with this printable checklist. It’s a great way to stay on track and split up the tasks – make it a family affair and divvy up the chores. Cleaning the homes benefits everyone and while it might not feel fun in the moment, the satisfying feeling of walking into a clean home is worth every minute.

General home maintenance and clean up varies, so look at spring cleaning as a time to focus on the parts of the home that don’t get as much TLC. Try looking at each room and seeing what might get missed in the day to day clean up. Dust the hard to reach areas, vacuum under furniture, flip the mattress and clean out the vents. Look for spaces that are normally invisible and go from there. You’ll be surprised how many nooks and crannies get overlooked daily.

Spring cleaning is not only about removing dirt and grime, it’s also about letting go of things you don’t need. Whether it’s old electronics or clothes you don’t wear, clearing out space will instantly make you feel lighter and give you more storage for the year ahead.

And last but not least, take this time to get organized and create chic storage space. Determine the type of structures and compartments that would be most helpful and incorporate it as a part of your home’s décor. Built-in shelving is a great way to store trinkets and goods in plain sight. Use woven baskets or fabric boxes to incorporate subtle patterns that will add color and texture to areas that would normally be bare.

Happy Spring Cleaning!