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How to Create a Calm Environment at Home

April 11, 2022
Calm neutral bedroom in Jade at Woodhaven in Aurora, ON by Brookfield Residential

As the chill of winter fades and we begin to enjoy the crisp air of spring, there’s an inspiration to declutter and freshen up our home. As you move from room to room tidying up each space, you may begin to notice a sense of calm taking over. Instead of visual chaos and unorganized spaces that leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you’ll find a peaceful home that allows you to relax and rest. With the busyness of day-to-day life, a calm home where you can unwind and recharge sounds pretty good.

In honour of April being “Stress Awareness Month,” we’re going to show you how to create a calm environment at home.

Neutral palette comprised of paint, countertop sample, and tile

1. Start with a neutral palette

Translating a feeling into something visual can be tricky, so it’s helpful to think of the places where you feel most at peace and bring elements of that into your home. Whether it’s the spa, the beach, or your favourite trail in the woods, chances are it’s not somewhere loud, busy, and full of bright colours.

Muted, neutral tones are much easier on the eyes than bold colours and patterns, but this doesn’t mean your space needs to feel boring or sterile. Opt for warmer choices like cream or taupe instead of a stark white and use plenty of texture or subtle patterns to create visual interest.

Go for softer, subdued tones within your favourite shades. If your favourite space is by the water, find a soothing blue or if you are most at peace out in nature, incorporate a soft green. You want your home to both feel calming and be a reflection of you.

Light and bright primary bathroom in Amethyst at Woodhaven in Aurora, ON

2. Declutter and organize your space

The quickest way to create a calmer home is by clearing out the clutter. When you have items all over the place, your home instantly feels messier and more chaotic, which results in higher levels of stress. You walk into a room and all you can see is a giant list of chores making it nearly impossible to sit down and relax.

Start by getting rid of items that you don’t need. It’s easy to default to clothing, but clutter can come in different forms. From an abundance of knick-knacks, excessive home décor, kid toys, kitchen gadgets, or hand-me-downs you didn’t really want but feel obligated to keep, it’s easy to let “stuff” fill your home.

Once you’ve cleared out the junk, put away the items you wanted to keep in a thoughtful manner. It would be counter-productive to spend so much time reducing your stuff just to cram it back into a cupboard without any thought. Opening drawers and cabinets and seeing an organized interior helps to create a calm feeling at home.

When you have your home decluttered, work to keep it that way. Maintaining a clutter-free home is a change in mindset and you’ll have to work to keep surfaces clear, put things away right after use, and encourage the other members in your household to do the same.

Woman layering a blanket onto a couch

3. Get cozy with textures

Being cozy and feeling calm seem to go hand in hand. A cozy home plays off the senses to create a warm, welcoming ambiance and there are few things more calming than something that feels like a big hug.

Incorporating soft, enticing materials is an easy way to make your home feel calm. Think fabrics you’d want to snuggle into - fuzzy sheepskin, faux fur, rich velvet, fleece, a chunky knit, or nubby bouclé. The best part is that you can incorporate these textures in a variety of applications from bedding to pillows to rugs and more to create a cozy feeling throughout your entire home.

The key is to be selective when adding these cozy elements into your space. Keep it simple to maintain the clutter-free environment you worked hard to create and keep it neutral instead of using bold, vibrant colours.

Dining room with accent wall in Amethyst at Woodhaven in Aurora, ON

4. Incorporate lighting in a strategic way 

Lighting is one of those elements that can instantly set the tone and mood of a space. Glaring bright lights won’t help you relax when you’re trying to cozy up in bed, nor will dim lights be helpful when you’re trying to cook dinner. The wrong lighting can make you feel annoyed or frustrated and put you further away from the calm home you’re trying to create.

A well-thought-out lighting scheme will deliver the appropriate brightness where you need it, as well as create an inviting and calm ambiance. Unfortunately, there’s no single light fixture that does it all and layered lighting is the best way to create a calm home.

By layering your lighting, you have more control over how a room looks and feels. Overhead lighting is a necessity, but can sometimes feel harsh or stark. By incorporating elements like table lamps, wall sconces, dimmer switches, and even candles, you can soften a space with just the flick of a switch.

Brown leather chair and natural wood dresser in a Brookfield Residential home

5. Bring the outdoors inside

One of the design trends for 2022 is biophilic design – incorporating the calm, good feelings we experience out in nature into our home. It’s a focus on bringing home those natural aspects found that positively contribute to our overall health, wellness, and productivity. There are a variety of ways to bring in the outdoors so you’re sure to find one that best speaks to your personal style.

One of the easiest ways to bring in the outdoors is with plants and flowers. Whether you prefer a stunning floral arrangement or some hearty houseplants, having greenery in your home is not only naturally calming, but can help make the air healthier.

If your green thumb needs some work, you can always go for artificial plants or pivot to other natural materials. You can embrace organic elements with décor or furniture made from wood or natural stone.

A pleasant aroma is one of the quickest routes to relaxation and a sense of well-being. Whether you prefer candles or an essential oil diffuser, natural scents such as eucalyptus and chamomile instantly bring a soothing, spa-like quality to any room.

Couple relaxing on a couch while kids color in a book on the floor - 810x540

Your home is your refuge. It should be the space where you feel safe and relaxed when life feels overwhelming. By creating a calm home environment, you are sure to bring yourself more peace and less stress.

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