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Home Design Trends for 2022

January 25, 2022
Primary bedroom details in Dickinson in the Urban Courtyard Homes at Easton Park in Austin, TX

New year, new you, new home design trends. While there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating and home design, there are definitely shifts in what is deemed popular and trendy each year. Trends are based on what society needs at the moment and after some challenging years, we could all use the home equivalent of a big warm hug. The desire for comfort and stability drove our decorating and design choices in 2021 and that will continue to dominate in 2022. There’s a focus on making us feel emotionally at ease in our homes through the use of colors and pieces that allow us to feel warm, cozy, and grounded. We’ve all been spending plenty of time in our homes so the home design trends for 2022 center around the connection between design and the energy it creates in a home that is uniquely yours.

Curved furnishings in Lucca at Cranstons Riverstone by Brookfield Residential in Calgary, AB - 810x506

1. Curved furnishings

A curve is subconsciously read as safe, friendly, and welcoming and with everyone feeling worn down from the last couple of years, we’re going to see a shift away from sharp angles and straight lines toward curves. 2022 is going to be full of round, organically shaped furniture as well as arches in both cabinetry and architecture to provide an environment of comfort and calm.

Side by side desks in Indigo Plan 3 at New Haven in Ontario Ranch, CA

2. A mindful approach to multifunctional spaces

There’s the pandemic reality that our homes have become the main setting for most aspects of our lives – where we work, relax, exercise, and learn. Every corner, every object, every space has to serve at least one purpose, if not more. As we’ve spent more time in our homes, there’s an expectation for spaces to work harder. Your bedroom isn’t just where you sleep, it’s also your home office or your gym. Your dining table is serving double or triple duty as a conference room and homework hub. Rather than being thrown together like we all had to do over the last couple of years, this year we’ll see these spaces approached in a more thoughtful and deliberate manner.

3. Mixing in vintage pieces

Antiques are having a moment. Vintage pieces bring richness into a space – deep history and spirit coupled with sentimentality influence the storytelling and direction of a room. Visually, your space has more personality and charm when there’s a juxtaposition between old and new. They’re also stylishly sustainable – by repurposing the old, we’re reducing our footprint while bringing a uniqueness to your home that can’t be replicated. The cherry on top? Vintage and antique pieces are readily available and sold right off the floor which is appealing to many buyers who have faced long shipping times and delays when shopping for new furniture.

Stylish vintage furniture in a spacious flat interior with beige sofa, chairs and posters on the wall

4. Sustainability

Sustainability has become a major issue and there’s been a higher importance placed on trying to learn the best materials and products for the long-term health of our ecosystem. We’re seeing a switch from gas appliances to electric as it not only lowers the dependency on fossil fuels and reduces emissions, but they also make our homes safer. Shopping second hand or repurposing heirlooms is especially great for big-ticket pieces such as dining tables, dressers, and coffee tables. Durability is key so look for solid wood. Not only can you re-stain and re-finish it to fit your home, but you’re being sustainable by not creating a new item with another carbon footprint.

Kitchen with white cabinets, a natural wood countertop, green subway backsplash, and a gold pendant light

5. Bold patterns and colors

People are pivoting away from minimalism and stark neutrals and leaning into bright, joyful colors that put a smile on your face. Your home should be a reminder of who you are and where you’ve been so you should have fun along the way. Applications of patterns and colors in window treatments and wallpaper are being used to create spaces that envelop and cocoon you without the complete commitment of paint. In the kitchen we expect to see bold and dramatic colors for cabinets and backsplashes. Monochromatic rooms are a great way to go bold. Paint the walls and ceiling and use window treatments and accent furniture in a similar shade to add drama. Just be sure to have plenty of lighting so the space doesn’t feel dark and cave-like.

Living succulent wall in Gardens Plan 2 dining room by Brookfield Residential SoCal

6. Nature-inspired interiors and biophilic design

First, what is biophilic design? It’s a focus on aspects found in nature that positively contribute to overall health, wellness, and productivity. The goal of biophilic design is to create the feel-good emotions we have in nature in a manmade space. 2022 home design will have an emphasis on creating calm environments through the use of natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants, and creating visual connections with nature. This desire to connect with nature has inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces – think stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine being used in backsplashes, countertops, furniture, and decorative objects. The imperfections of these materials not only add visual interest but mimic the calm, restorative ambiance of the outdoors. Of course, plants are an easy way to bring in the outdoors, but we’re seeing a shift beyond a few plants in pots. People are stepping up their plant obsession and creating living plant-covered walls, mini gardens on their kitchen window sills, and unique hanging installations.

Dark green accent wall and kitchen in Brookfield Residential homes

7. Earth tones

The desired connection with nature and feeling grounded will be reflected in the use of earth tones such as shades of brown and green. Expect to see chocolate brown, camel, caramel as a deep neutral that creates elegant, timeless spaces and sage or olive green to provide a calm and restorative feeling. Paint companies including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others each named a shade of green as the top color trend coming for 2022 as it’s a comforting reminder of the outdoors.

Wood tone kitchen with island in The Signature Collection at Woodhaven in Aurora ON

8. Traditional details

We are seeing traditional details making a big comeback. Think of a formal kitchen with cabinetry that mixes straight and curved lines and finished with elaborate hardware. English roll arm sofas, wingback chairs, simple dining tables based on antique styles and pieces with detail and history. With so much chaos and change in the world, people are craving a bit of nostalgia and comfort in their home.

9. Tactile textiles and textures

Layers and texture are everywhere right now in the fashion industry and interior design is usually not far behind. Playing on our desire to feel safe, warm, and cozy, anything furry, nubby, or soft will be popular this year. Despite the introduction of bold colors and prints, neutrals will remain but will be elevated through texture to add visual interest. They also embody those calming and grounding characteristics that make a house feel like a home.

Gallery of trendy posters in elegant grey living room interior with brown corner sofa

10. Up-and-coming artwork and artisan accents

One of the positives to come from the last few years is an increase in support for small and local businesses, up-and-coming creators, and artists of color. People are looking for pieces with a deeper meaning that reflect the diversity of our world and the perspective these often overlooked artists offer. Spending so much time at home has allowed us to hone in on our personal style and look for ways to showcase our unique taste. 2022 is a shift away from mass produced items towards pieces that truly speak to us, reflect us as individuals, and support small artists and local businesses.

Fire pit and string lights in the back yard of Residence 1 at Haciendas in Chula Vista CA

11. Elevated outdoor entertaining

Outdoor living and entertaining rapidly increased over the last couple of years as it was one of the few ways we could safely gather with family and friends. As we enter 2022, there’s still a focus on outdoor entertaining, but now it’s time to be elevated. There’s more intention in the design of these outdoor spaces with a deeper focus on personal style and needs. Outdoor living is being approached with attention to not only how it connects to your interior space but how each outdoor space connects with each other to create a cohesive experience.

Interior view of living area and kitchen with a view outside to an outdoor dining area

While the last few years have been challenging, they have also given us the opportunity to focus on the things that matter and how our home makes us feel. 2022 home design will reflect the shift from the mass-produced, neutral tones, and generic décor to pieces that are bright, bold, unique, and not only make us feel good, but are good for the environment too.

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