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The Pros and Cons of Zero Lot Line Homes

December 06, 2023
Exterior of Horizon Townhomes at One Lake Community by Brookfield Residential in Fairfield, CA

Wondering how a zero lot line home differs from a traditional lot home? Why would you buy one over the other? In this post, we discuss what a zero lot line is and the associated costs of having this type of home. We also explore zero lot line wall construction and zoning. Finally, we look at the pros and cons of zero lot line homes. 

What Is a Zero Lot Line Home?


A zero lot line home is a home that is built directly on or very near to the property line of one side of the lot. Meaning, most zero lot line homes will only have one side yard rather than the two side yards that a traditional home would have. These homes generally cost less and have little maintenance, however, as a result of being built right on the property line, certain things like building a fence around your home may not be possible.

Zero lot line homes are most often found in areas with high-density housing and may share walls with adjacent homes like townhouses. The design of these types of homes often minimizes outdoor space in favor of maximizing the interior space.

How Does Zoning Work for Zero Lot Line Homes?


Zoning for zero lot homes is predetermined by the land developer. This means that before a development is built, the property limits for each lot and the style of home have already been determined.


However, since this type of home is built right on or close to the property line, it can be difficult or impossible to repair something on the side of your home without walking on your neighbor’s property. Typically, to account for this, when a purchase agreement is written, both buyers would be signing an agreement saying that they allow their neighbor to use that property if they need to repair something or do exterior maintenance on the side of their home. It can be looked at like a shared space between neighbors. 

Pros and Cons of Zero Lot Line Homes


Zero lot line homes come with plenty of advantages as well as a few disadvantages. Let’s go over what these are so that you can be sure this type of home works for you and your lifestyle:


Pros of Zero Lot Line Homes

  • More property for the money
  • Less yard maintenance
  • Less money spent on upkeep
  • More connected with neighbors and other residents

Cons of Zero Lot Line Homes

  • Limited opportunity to add to your home
  • Potential property line issues
  • Less privacy

Now It’s Your Turn:


When it all comes down to it, don't be discouraged by a zero lot line home. Purchasing a zero lot line home is a great way to purchase a larger home, save some money, and become friendly with your neighbors, building and fostering a healthy community lifestyle.

Let us know if you have additional questions about zero lot line homes that we can answer by connecting with our sales team. Also, feel free to scroll through our blog that is full of great tips for current and future homeowners such as the best ways to use a finished basement and the five steps to buying a new home.