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How to Update or Replace Tile Countertops

January 04, 2019
Stylish kitchen with quartz countertops at Luna in The Landing by Brookfield Residential in Tustin CA

Planning to update or replace your tile countertops? What replacement options do you have? Below, we go over the different ways you can replace tile kitchen countertops including painting, resurfacing, or putting granite over existing tile.

Two ways to update tile countertops without replacing them


Sometimes your best option may be to update your tile countertops rather than replace them entirely. Maybe you’re trying to save time or money or are just looking for an easier fix. Whatever the reason, here are two ways to update your tile countertops without replacing them:


Paint your countertop


You can paint countertop tile but you’ll need to prepare the tile before doing so. First, ensure none of the tiles are cracked or broken. Then, scuff the tile up using sandpaper so that the paint you use will stick to the surface. Once scuffed, your tiles are ready to be primed and painted.


Brookfield Residential’s Senior Interior Designer Deborah Armstrong advises that it is not a good idea to paint the tiles inside a shower as the water inside the shower will end up wearing or removing the paint over time.

Resurface your tile countertop


Another cost-effective, and perhaps better option than painting tile, is getting it resurfaced. Deborah says, “there are companies out there that resurface [tile], similar to how you resurface a bathtub. They come in and they apply a surface, and it's a hard surface that goes right over the top. It does go over the grout, too, so your tile and your grout will be the same color.”


Once this surface has been applied, Deborah says you can expect to get five years of durability before you’ll have to think about replacing it. What’s more, you’ll get something that looks good and is just as durable at a fraction of the price of a brand-new countertop. 

How to replace tile countertops with granite


If you would rather replace your tile countertops altogether, granite is a great choice. It’s beautiful and durable enough to last a very long time. Granite countertops are very heavy, so before replacing your tile countertops with granite, it’s essential to check that the structure of your countertops can support the additional weight of granite.


Deborah says “you might want to add a little bit of extra support, especially in corners, where there are seams” to the structure of your countertops to handle the weight. Really though, once you lift off the tile and expose the structure underneath, you can replace the tile with any material you like.”

Your turn:


You have plenty of options when it comes to how to replace your kitchen tile countertops and many of them come down to personal preference and budget. For more interior design tips, check out our blog for helpful topics like the best kitchen paint colors and how to arrange furniture like a pro. For more information or questions about Brookfield Residential homes, take a look at where we build or contact us directly.