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Meet Jill Brodsky: Brookfield Residential New Home Specialist

August 23, 2018
Back yard firepit in an Austin Texas new home Brookfield Residential
Brookfield Residential New Home specialist Jill BrodskyHow long have you been in Austin?

I have lived in Austin for almost 20 years and will never willingly leave.

What do you love most about living here?

One of my favorite things about Austin is seeing “Cowboy” riding his horse down South Congress with a guitar on his back while my husband and I sip a great glass of wine on the deck at Perla’s. No one even bats an eye!! This vignette encapsulates what I love about Austin…small town vibe, quirky fun people, animals are king, the weirder the better, great food everywhere, outdoor EVERYHING, and of course… music. I have been known to ride my old event horse through the Starbucks at Circle C after a nice romp through the park—Austin is just that kind of place.

What’s an interesting fact about you that people may not know?

I am a total animal freak. I had the joy of teaching equine therapy to clients with autism and other developmental disorders. There are few things more touching than seeing the connection a big ol’ horse makes with people that seem to have little to no connection with anything. Mind blowing and heart melting. Love it.

When did you start working for Brookfield?

I began working at Kissing Tree in San Marcos in May of 2016. Life stuff brought me back to Austin where I had the pleasure of supporting some amazing New Home Counselors in over five communities in which Brookfield Residential builds. I believe my two plus years at Brookfield coupled with my 20 years of living in Austin has been amazing training for the New Home Specialist position I now fill.

How did you decide you wanted to be in the real estate industry?

Real estate is my passion. My dad invested in real estate and as a kid he taught me how to repair a roof, paint, re-finish old wood floors, etc. I just fell in love with homes. They all have a story. As a kid, I used to create the story in my mind. I may/or may not have been the kind of girl to crawl up a tree to a second story balcony to find an open door…. crawl through an open window to just to walk through an old vacant home. I have been investing in my own real estate portfolio since the age of 21. My previous career was with the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) in public relations. My team spearheaded the First Time Homebuyers Initiative aimed at educating first time homebuyers on the steps to home ownership. Forever seared in my mind is a little boy with huge liquid brown eyes holding his mom’s hand, looking up at her and saying “momma, are we really going to have a house of our own one day?” Home ownership is still the American dream. I love being part of that dream.

What do you look forward to most in your new role as a New Home Specialist?

As a New Home Specialist I look forward to being part of the dream for people from all stages of life! My purpose is to be a service and a resource to Brookfield clients. My hope is to help guide them to the best-fitting Brookfield home and community we have to offer. I feel confident that Brookfield creates a dream home for everyone, and I want to be part of the team that gets them there!