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Ready to Move? Brookfield Residential Has Your Brand New Home

February 22, 2022
Exterior of a black and white Brookfield Residential home in the Austin, TX area

Get a New Home in Austin Easier and Faster

Austin home buyers have struggled with a tight housing market over the last year. Brookfield Residential has responded to this extreme buyer demand by starting a large number of pre-planned inventory homes in the past few months. The company hopes that this strategy will give buyers more home options, help them avoid long delays, and alleviate any pricing surprises caused by supply chain issues. “We first saw our home in March, and we moved in at the end of June,” says Dusty, who bought a Brookfield Urban Courtyard Home in Easton Park. “The process and the customer support were excellent.”

Interior view of the living room and kitchen in a Brookfield Residential home in the Austin, TX area

Pre-planned Means a New Home Faster

Brookfield Residential’s expert team takes out the guess-work by building the most popular floor plans with the most requested exterior styles, like colorful Craftsman or charming Modern Farmhouse. The in-house professional design team picks the interior color selections based on current trends, popular customer preferences, and the availability of materials, generally choosing most-loved styles and finishes.

Designing a home from the ground-up can be overwhelming for buyers who want to build a new home. A pre-planned inventory home is often the best solution for those who want the latest and greatest style without the headache and stress of making design decisions. “We absolutely love everything the designer chose,” says Dusty. “It’s very light and airy. In hindsight, you hear from everyone that it's a huge weight on your shoulders to pick everything and make it right. We didn’t have to go through that.”

Primary bath with black accents in a Brookfield Residential home in the Austin, TX area

Buyers On Board

Home buyers can often sign a contract on these homes at any point during the construction process. The home might still be in the initial permitting stage, completed, or any stage in between. Depending on the construction stage of the home, there may be an opportunity for the home buyer to select certain interior finishes. This hybrid approach presents the best of both worlds for many buyers. Brookfield Residential is currently offering a limited number of these opportunities in its newest section of Easton Park, Discovery Park.   

Find Your Dream Home

Brookfield Residential currently has inventory homes available in Addison, Kissing Tree, and Easton Park. To learn more, browse available homes or plan a visit to see them for yourself.