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6 Reasons to Buy New in Denver

August 30, 2021
Why Buy New Snipe overlayed on a living room with a fireplace

There are lots of decisions to be made in the home shopping process – Where do I want to live? How many bedrooms do I need? What square footage makes sense for my family and me? A question that should be included is: Should I buy a new construction home or resale? In any market, there are good reasons to shop new construction homes, but in an increasingly competitive one, new homes not only have immediate advantages over resale, but long-term benefits as well.

Let’s explore the top benefits of buying a new construction home in Denver.

Exterior of a home in the Harvest Portfolio at Barefoot Lakes in Denver, CO

1. No bidding necessary

The prolonged nature of the pandemic has created a housing market driven not only by financial decisions, but emotional considerations as well. The conversation around housing changed to include what people need emotionally to get through these trying times. In turn, buyers seem to be willing to pay whatever price to meet those needs and turned the resale market into an ever increasing bidding war. Not only have resale buyers needed to come up with extra cash to cover appraisal gaps, but contingencies including inspections have been waived which can put these new homeowners at a potential risk. By buying a new construction home, not only do you have transparent pricing, but you can enter into a purchase contract the same day you tour the model homes – no bidding required. Extra bonus, you have peace of mind knowing your home will be quality built meeting the rigorous building standards of today meaning you won’t have any hidden problems pop up the day you move in.

Dining room with banquette at Big Sky 3 at Solterra in Denver, CO

2. Modern floor plans

Home designs are always evolving. From the incorporation of garages as a “must-have” item in the 1960’s to the increase in popularity of two-story homes over single levels in the 1980’s to the shift from compartmentalized rooms to open-concept in recent years, homes have changed over time to meet the needs of homebuyers. By buying a new construction home, you’re able to move in to a floor plan that meets your needs on day one rather than wasting your budget and time on renovations to an older layout that doesn’t quite work for you.

Flooring display at the Brookfield Residential Design Studio

3. Personalization options

When asked, homeowners across the board say that the design process was one of the more exciting aspects of their new construction homebuying journey, but it could be a bit overwhelming with so many choices. So, we asked ourselves: how could we simplify this process and give our homebuyers an easier journey to a home that fulfills their vision and meets their every need? We created The Art of Home – a step-by-step path that turns your Brookfield Residential home into an artful showcase for your personal style. Start by reviewing a variety of design collections – carefully curated palettes of flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, and color that give your home a subtle, flexible, and enduring design foundation. Then you have your choice of finishes for your fixtures, hardware, lighting, doors, and trim. Finally, the extras – special features and elegant touches that bring an extra measure of comfort, functionality, and style to your home such as open stair railings, ceiling fans, and more. With so many ways to enhance and personalize your space, you can be sure you’re making a home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

4. Home technology

A new construction home means it’s built to accommodate all the newest technology. Internal systems have improved over the years meaning your new home will be more energy efficient compared to older homes. New construction homes come with multi-pane windows, tankless water systems, reliable HVAC systems, and more that are all specifically designed to keep your home as energy efficient as possible. It’s also built with sustainable materials designed for the highest levels of performance.

myCommand Thermostat in a smart home by Brookfield Residential

Smart home automation takes your home to a new level of high-tech functionality that wasn’t available in the past. Brookfield Residential homes can be built fully connected and filled with smart home accessories for an easy, seamless user experience. If you’re looking at older resale homes, it’s often difficult to retrofit the necessary components to accommodate these tech upgrades. From energy-saving tools to controlling your home with the sound of your voice, Empower is driven by today’s cutting-edge technology giving you every new possibility of home. With myCommand you can enjoy environmental control with a smart thermostat and lighting, remote home access for your door locks and/or garage opener, enhanced safety and security with a video doorbell, and plenty more. It’s all the comfort, convenience, and peace of mind you need.

Exterior of the Venture Center at Brighton Crossings in Denver, CO

5. Community amenities

When you purchase a new construction home, it often comes with brand-new amenities like a resort-style pool, clubhouse, parks and playgrounds, or a fitness center. Some neighborhoods take this to the next level with a community coordinator who creates a full social calendar and neighborhood events to enjoy. If you’re able to buy in the early stages of a new neighborhood, the value of your home increases as the amenities are added and become fully functional.

Friends enjoying food and drinks outside at Solterra in Denver, CO

6. Sense of connection

Moving into a new home community means that you’ll likely have neighbors who are also just settling in, providing a fresh start and new bond for everyone. Small talk about moving challenges turns into tips and tricks for getting settled in and next thing you know, you’re hosting that neighborhood block party that will become an annual tradition. Good neighbors easily become great friends.

There’s also a sense of connection with your home. You’ve chosen the homesite. You’ve chosen the floor plan. You’ve chosen the finishes. The emotional tie of living in a new home that you’ve designed and created specifically for you isn’t quite the same in a resale home.

Stylish black and white kitchen at The Village of Castle Pines in Denver, CO

Make your move

If you have some flexibility with your move in date, let us help you find a new home where you can lock in your price now and make it yours later this year. If you’re ready to make it yours sooner, explore our move-in ready homes that have been thoughtfully designed with finishes you’re sure to love. We’ll be expecting you!