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Trend Alert: Blue Kitchens

January 30, 2017
Trend Alert Blue Kitchens Brookfield Residential

The newest home décor trend is here and it might make you rethink those winter blues. Shades of this primary color are in every home’s favorite space – the kitchen. From deep navy to dolphin grey, incorporating blue into your kitchen décor is the perfect way to create a warm and classic feel.

At Legado at Portola Springs, the home’s spacious kitchen highlights this trend with navy blue cabinets and a white patterned backsplash. The hanging light fixtures and open space gives this home an inviting feel that is perfect for entertaining.

Using color in just one space is a great way to create a focal point for any room. At Province in Menifee, the base of the island is dark blue, a contrast from the light countertop  and white cabinets – giving it a sleek, modern look.


At Nectar at Spencer’s Crossing, the seafoam-blue backsplash provides texture and frames the kitchen in softer way. Here, the light blue wall and ceramic accents use the color as a neutral, to softly highlight that part of the room. The subdued blue is a good balance for the dark countertops and soft lighting – giving the room a light, airy essence.

But blue doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen. At Poppy at New Haven, the bright blue dining room chairs add a pop of color and tie in the different shades of the art in the room. Offsetting the wooden furniture, this happy blue gives the area character and creates an upbeat, lived-in feeling that will brighten up any room.

So next time your searching for that perfect color, pick your favorite shade of blue and see the difference a small accent color can make!

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