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October Links We Love 2017

October 17, 2017
Coffee Table Decor Brookfield Residential

From new color palettes to tricks, treats and pumpkin spice everything, this month’s Links We Love is chock-full of festive tips and cozy bits perfect for you and your new Brookfield Residential home.

COZY CORNERS – The holidays are all about time with family and friends, so create a cozy nook or corner perfect for those late-night chats and afternoon catch-up sessions with loved ones. Step one – find warm, relaxed chairs or a plush sofa. Step two – include a statement coffee table with interesting books, florals and other fall details for guests to browse. Step three – add a fall-colored throw and pillows with orange accents perfect for October, and voila! You’ve now created your own comfy corner.  

PUMPKIN FUN – With Halloween around the corner, you’ll find yourself carving pumpkins in no time. And to make the perfect carving, you’ll want to find the perfect canvas at your local pumpkin patch. Spend an afternoon taking photos and wandering through the rows of pumpkins, mazes and fall festivities. Next, make your pumpkin a little more chic with fun carving and design ideas trick-or-treaters won’t expect. From pastel paints to fall-themed cutouts, there’s no reason these stylish pumpkins can’t be displayed after the haunted evening is over. 

HOMEMADE PSL – The pumpkin spice latte is everyone’s favorite specialty drink, and now, you can fashion your very own from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s with extra whip, spice, vanilla or pumpkin, be your own barista and make your own fall creation that rivals any local Starbucks.

Now, grab a pumpkin spice latte and invite over a few friends – the holidays are on their way!

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