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Holiday Gift Wrapping with Style, Warmth and Details

December 15, 2017
Gift wrapping tips to decorate your new home

The holidays are upon us, which means your new home is decorated, your holiday menu is planned. Now, Brookfield Residential is here to help you get your gifts wrapped with style and ease.

Go for the Gold
Make your gifts shine this season by using wrapping paper with golden patterns and pair with gold ribbons and bows for a metallic monochromatic look. For extra flair, tie leftover ornaments on top of your gifts, or put a trendy spin on it all by using rose gold tones.

White and gold gift wrapping ideas for California homes

Keep It Natural
To give your gifts a rustic feel, use plain brown kraft paper (or recycled grocery bags), and adorn with simple embellishments, such as fresh rosemary, pinecones or cotton twigs. Tie together with twine or rope and, remember, no peeking!

No Peeking card on a holiday present in California

Mix It Up
If you don’t have matching paper and ribbon in the same color scheme, don’t worry! Mix polka dots, plaids, stripes and other patterns for a fun and festive look. When it comes to gift wrapping, there truly are no rules.

Polka dot wrapping paper decorates a new California home

These stylishly wrapped gifts will look great in the hands of friends and family, under the tree or – our favorite – on the California Terrace at your new home. This private outdoor space with an optional outdoor fireplace is the perfect backdrop for holiday entertaining and gift exchanges in Southern California.

Holiday gifts decorating a Brookfield Residential California Terrace

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