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A Simple Spring Refresh for Your SoCal Home

March 14, 2019
Refresh your Brookfield SoCal home with some of our spring design tips

With spring just around the corner, your home deserves a refresh. We have some great tips to inspire a vibrant look for the next season in your new Brookfield SoCal home.

Style with succulents.
A quick spring design hack is as easy as a trip to the nursery. Since succulents never go out of style, they are always a welcome addition in Southern California homes. Display them in vases, terrariums or as wall hangings to inject life and brightness with their many unique variations.

Spring refresh - terrariums and wall hangings

Create pops of color.
Spring is the season to do away with the dull and bring on the color! Give your couch a facelift by swapping out wintery pillows and blankets that have been weighing you down for fun prints or textures and lighter throws. Revamp your bedroom by switching up bedding with brighter colors or floral accents. Consider adding a small plant in some places for extra freshness.

Spring refresh - plants and color

Prep your outdoor space.
Now that you’ve freshened up the inside of your home it’s time to move outside. Your outdoor living space is where you’ll be spending many hours in the upcoming months, so why not make it as stylish as the rest of your home? Start by filling the entertaining areas with comfortable weather-proof furniture. Whether it’s a dining table or sofa and arm chairs, you’ll want to add some soft cushions to create a space that reflects the inviting atmosphere of your home. Ceramic planters and citrus-filled bowls are perfect for adding detail and a splash of color to your outdoor room.

Spring refresh - outdoor space

These simple spring design tips are going to make spring in your Brookfield SoCal home even more special.
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