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Hiking near San Marcos

June 28, 2017
Hiking Neat San Marcos Rancho Tesoro
Summer has arrived and that means it’s time to take advantage of the natural beauty and perfect Southern California weather all around. San Diego County is known for it’s beautiful beaches, but it’s also known for great hikes along nearby mountain ranges and lakes. Here are a few trails to get even the most inexperienced hiker out on the trail.

Copper Creek Falls – Unpaved and not too steep, this trail runs along the creek and is perfect for a light morning hike through the riparian habitat.

Lake San Marcos – A hike with a view! Lake San Marcos is about a mile long with scenic paths and local flora.

Double Peak – A moderate hike with a summit at the peak, this trail offers a range of San Diego views and a healthy hike to the top. Pack a picnic and spend some time here, the summit has a small park complete with picnic benches and shade.

Ridgeline – A winding trail along the top of Cerro de Las Posa, this hike looks out on all of San Marcos and is over two miles long.

With so many great hikes and trails near Rancho Tesoro, it’s easy to see why this San Marcos community has such a premiere location for summertime fun!