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Our Office at Pacific Arts Plaza

February 25, 2016
Table decoration Brookfield Residential

We had the honor of partnering with Irvine Company for our new workspace at the Pacific Arts Plaza in Costa Mesa. With plenty of attention to detail, the real estate developer understood what we were looking for, and the aesthetic definitely represents the Brookfield Residential brand with fresh and youthful design. As a collaborative organization, we needed our backdrop to be filled with open-concept spaces and tools to run our business in a more efficient way.

Our home office features splashes of contemporary and eclectic décor and common spaces for interacting with colleagues. Close by is the Brookfield Design Studio, where design comes to life for your new Brookfield Residential home.

Take a look around the Brookfield Residential SoCal office and Brookfield Design Studio with President and COO, Adrian Foley.

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