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May Links We Love

May 08, 2017
May Links We Love Brookfield Residential
Find your focus this May by turning extra nooks, tables and bonus rooms into multi-functional  areas where you can work, create and feel inspired.

FLEX SPACE Turn any space into a mini-home office by adding elements that can transform the space’s functionality. A nearby bookcase can create storage, comfy chairs make it easier to sit for long periods of time and bright colors can create an upbeat, inspiring atmosphere. It only takes a little effort to turn any space into a multifunctional part of the home.

CONNECT Use affordable, everyday smart gadgets for added convenience and ease. Everything from connected humidifiers, phone apps to measure product toxicity and sensor-activated appliances, there’s something for everything nowadays.

DECLUTTER Increase your home’s feng shui by tossing the clutter you no longer need. Start with table-top extras and move on to larger pieces, such as trash cans that can be stowed in cabinets and accent pieces that no longer fit with the room’s décor. It will feel good to let go.