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Highglen on LA Confidential Magazine

August 22, 2016
2016 High glenon LA Confidential Magazine Brookfield Residential

Highglen at Five Knolls in Santa Clarita has been dubbed as a lookalike to Seinfeld’s apartment according to LA Confidential!

The magazine notes, “Located in Santa Clarita, this property’s living room is the luxe Los Angeles version of Jerry Seinfeld’s NYC apartment. The famous blue sofas, nearby kitchen, and dining table behind the seating area all combine to make this west coast property a true replica.”

Here’s a side-by-side comparison: Seinfeld’s apartment vs. Highglen Residence 1What do you think?  

While you may not be able to purchase Jerry’s digs in NYC, there are move-in ready residences at Highglen! Disclaimer: cupboards do not come stocked with cereal.  

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