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July Links We Love

July 19, 2016
2016 July Links We Love Brookfield Residential

Simple home improvements and decluttering can make all the difference in your space. Check out these July Links We Love that provide some inspiration to redefine your space.

A little effort goes a long way with these small home improvement ideas. From sharpening kitchen knives to creating a designated space for mail, these tips will leave you with a happier and less cluttered home with minimal effort.

Maximize nooks and crannies to keep your home clutter free. Try adding storage to vertical spaces by adding shelving. Define an area to place knick-knacks that get easily tossed to the side, like purses and backpacks.

Schedule out yearly tasks to maintain the parts of your home you don’t need to clean regularly.  Cleaning areas of your home like gutters and washing the outside of your windows can make a world of difference and help extend their longevity.

Get creative with storage in easily messy areas like the kitchen. Use roll-out shelves to store kids craft supplies and neatly put everything away. Customize your pantry with labeled baskets or place spices in a drawer to have them handy for cooking.

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