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How to Create Space with an Open-Concept Design

September 04, 2019
How to Create Space with an Open Concept Design Brookfield Residential

It’s hard not to love an open-concept floor plan, especially when it’s in your brand new Brookfield Residential SoCal home. This modern design layout has become a popular choice among many homebuyers for its style and convenience – providing more natural light and an easy room-to-room flow.

Understanding how to design an open-concept living area is important to make the space feel inviting yet structured. We’re here to help make sense of your new space with a few tips for arranging furniture and creating distinct rooms within your open-concept home.

Define spaces with an area rug

Large area rugs not only help to add depth and texture to your décor, but they also establish gathering areas. While the furniture in a room will determine its purpose, a plush rug under the sofa and coffee table or a more ornate, decorative rug under the dining table will determine the borders of that room. Take a look at how this is put into action at Prado at The Village of Escaya and Terracina at Rancho Tesoro. 

Define spaces with an area rug | How to Create Space with an Open-Concept Design | Brookfield Residential

Create flow

The way furniture is arranged in an open-concept space can make or break the design. Consider where you will want to walk or move between the rooms and try to place your rugs so they create pathways with the empty space. Having distinct groupings of furniture will help eliminate clutter and keep the boundaries clear to move around the space.

Have a cohesive color scheme

When planning your décor, choose a color scheme that can work across all rooms of your open-concept design. Whether it’s grays and greens or warm tones with pops of orange, repeating this color with accents in each separate space will provide cohesion and continue the flow you’ve already created with your furniture.

Have a cohesive color scheme | How to Create Space with an Open-Concept Design | Brookfield Residential

Fill empty wall space

Use wall space to create focal points in each room. A primary window or fireplace acts as a built-in focal point that a room can be designed around. Large mirrors and hanging art or even light fixtures and plants can be added in as focal points where there might otherwise be empty walls. Anything that catches the eye and draws it into the space can define and refine it. 

Fill empty wall space | How to Create Space with an Open-Concept Design | Brookfield Residential

Open-concept floor plans are great for tailoring your home to your needs. We hope that with these tips you’ll transform your new home into a functional and stylish space you’ll love.

Need more inspiration? Visit a Brookfield Residential SoCal neighborhood for a firsthand look at how open-concept design can be done right.

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