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Creating a Modern Feature Wall

April 24, 2020
residence 1 bedroom 1 new home dublin ca fillmore at boulevard 810x541

What better reflects your personality and style than your home? Whether you prefer ultra-modern sleek or farmhouse chic, your home captures the essence of you. A feature wall is an easy way to add personality to your home, reinforce your design style, and impact a room’s overall vibe. When it comes to a stylish feature wall, look no further than Fillmore at Boulevard in Northern California for some inspiration. These homes showcase four of the best ways to create a modern feature wall with impact.


  • Wall molding – This versatile option can be perfectly tempered to accommodate the amount of pop you want your room to have. A subtle design paired with a single color can provide some visual interest without overwhelming a space. The master bedroom at the Residence 1 at Fillmore shows how you can add texture while maintaining a relaxing vibe with a neutral palette. Done correctly, this is an easy weekend project that gives your room a whole new level of character and dimension.

    L-residence-1-bedroom R-residence-3-bedroom-fillmore-at-boulevard-dublin-california-810x272

  • Hand painted accents – Take the classic approach of a painted feature wall to the next level by adding some fun, geometric designs. Paint is one of the quickest and most affordable options to create some drama. Go bold with color and design or keep it simple with a few subtle lines.


  • Wood paneling – Add a touch of nature with reclaimed wood, pair it with modern furniture and you’ve got a seriously stylish mid-century modern look and feel. Far from the paneling found in the ‘70s, a wood accent wall is a great way to incorporate style and texture while adding warmth and dimension. The Residence 3 at Fillmore shows how to perfectly style a space to complement your feature wall without overwhelming the room.


  • Wall paper – Don’t fear wallpaper! So many people are hesitant to tackle this notoriously tricky product, but there are plenty of peel and stick options that give you some cool designs and are easy to install. Go for an unexpected impact by placing your wall paper on the ceiling for a fresh take as seen in Residence 2.

And that’s all it takes! One feature wall to bring a little life and vibrancy to a space. Take your time to consider the design, materials, and your final style goal and you’re sure to have a look that will last.


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