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Top Home Styling Trends

May 18, 2020
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Model homes are great inspiration for how to design and style your home. They are airy, spotless, decorated impeccably and it’s easy to want to replicate that same feeling in your own space. Jaimie Gobert, Brookfield Residential Southern California’s Design Merchandising Lead, is an expert in home design styling. Responsible for merchandising Southern California’s model homes, she knows how to create spaces that encourage functionality and express personality in a stylish manner with warmth, layers, textures, and colors.

Here are her top design trends and tips on how to take your home styling to the next level.

Wood pedestals

Bring in a touch of nature and elevate your space with a super versatile styling base such as a wood pedestal. A wood pedestal can be used in many different spaces to display and elevate décor pieces such as bathroom essentials, kitchen cannisters, or flower vases. This carved teak pedestal from Studio McGee comes in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your space.

Olive trees

Greenery will always elevate any rooms décor. It can add sophistication, height, and life to any space. In 2019, fiddle leaf trees were the trend, but 2020’s “tree of the year” (if you will) is the more subtle olive tree. Take your greenery to the next level with a unique cement or terracotta container or a woven basket to amp up the styling. For those of us who weren’t blessed with a green thumb, there are plenty of stylish faux options.


Layering… ALL of the layering

A huge trend seen in different applications is layering. Whether it’s rugs, tables, framed art, or cutting boards, this trend is a great way to bring depth to your décor. A simple addition of layered area rugs can really bring a sense of design to a home. Give it an extra pop by mixing a large neutral woven or jute rug with a smaller fun pattern and fringe. There’s also been a rise in nesting tables including side tables and coffee tables. Take the trend to the next level with the addition of a fun texture for an added statement.


Digital art prints

If you love the look of designer art, but don’t have the budget for antique originals, this is an awesome way to step up your gallery wall. A lot of digital print shops offer to either print and ship the prints to you (either framed or unframed), or you can easily take the files and print them out at your local print shop and frame them yourself for a more budget friendly option. Here are some great places to find amazing digital art:


Rattan or cane accent pieces & accessories

We’ve been seeing this trend all over because it has the perfect blend of the old style and the new take on it. A lot of pieces have been modernized and incorporating them into your space instantly adds warmth, texture, and visual interest. This is such a great trend in the accessory space where you can easily find items that are inexpensive and have multiple purposes such as a decorative rattan tray for your coffee table, a nice cane blanket basket for your living room, woven plant/tree containers, cool light fixtures, or a trendy accent mirror.


Large garland beads

Such a simple accessory that easily ups your home decorating game. These stylish beads have been increasing in popularity in part because of their versatility. You can layer them with a beautiful wooden bowl, over stacked coffee table books, on floating shelves, draped on an entry console – you name, it works. There are a ton of great options at a variety of price points. Go for a large, full length garland to make a dramatic statement or smaller beads for added texture.