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Tips for Adding Houseplants to Décor

August 08, 2016
2016 Tips for adding house plants to decor Brookfield Residential

Plants are a wonderful way to liven up your space, add pops of color and even clean the air in your home. Liven up your living space with these great indoor plants tips.

From island-inspired ferns to neon-colored cacti, Brit + Co show you some dynamic and fun choices that will add flair to any room. Find what plants will best fit where and read some suggestions for how to pot each one.

Be inspired by interior designer’s favorite ways to display their indoor plants on Decoist.  Discover new ways to make a statement with greenery or just add some subtle detailing throughout your space.

Find plants that can live away from the window on Better Homes and Gardens. Parlor palms, Boston ferns, gloxinias and many more options will thrive in corners of rooms and make great pieces to place next to couches and chairs in the living room.

The key to keeping these outdoor plants alive is pairing plants with an appropriate amount of light and checking their watering needs. Choose containers that match your home décor to tie elements together. Real Simple has a list of tips on keeping your plants healthy.

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