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7 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

September 06, 2022
Exterior of the Barnard floor plan at Retreat at Dripping Springs by Brookfield Residential in Texas

If you are in the market for a new home, you might be weighing whether to buy a resale home or a new construction home. Buying a new construction home may be well within your reach today. Many options exist for buying new build homes from single-family homes to condos, duplexes, and townhomes. Newly built homes are often more valued by buyers and can save you money in repairs that often go along with purchasing older, resale homes. If you choose a new construction home, you will know you are making a sound investment.

While there are pros and cons in deciding whether to build vs buy your next home, we’ll go over seven reasons you should consider buying a new construction home.

1. New Construction Means Everything is New

It may seem basic to say, but if you choose to build a new construction home, everything about that home will be new and fresh. The materials and mechanics will not have undergone wear and tear. Fixtures and equipment, from lighting to the furnace to your kitchen appliances, will be unused until you move in and enjoy your new home. Of course, less wear and tear on these items means less upkeep, maintenance, and, therefore, less unforeseen repair costs for you.

2. You May Be Able Customize Your New Construction Home

Because you can usually dictate many of the design options in a new construction home, you will get to choose some features that are just right for you. New home builders also frequently have unsold homes that are in the process of being built. Depending on the construction stage a home is in when you buy it, you may get to select some or many of the home’s features. That gives you the opportunity to help design a home that suits your family’s needs.

Aspects of your home you may be able to customize include:

  • Landscaping — Depending on the type of home you purchase, you may be able to help plan the landscaping and other outdoor features, such as a patio or a pool. Many of these options and others may be available to you so that you can design your space from the outside in.
  • Floor plan — Customize your home from the ground up by choosing the floor plan that works best for you. That may mean picking the size of your single-family home, townhome, or condo. Think about whether you prefer compartmentalized rooms or a more open floor plan and how much space you require.
  • Fixtures, colors, and flooring — Your builder may offer you a variety of options for all or some of these and more! You can often choose faucets, countertops, and wall colors from the get-go or perhaps allow you to select some of these depending on the construction stage the home you buy is in.

3. Your Home Will Be More Energy Efficient

A newly built home will contain some of the newest and best technology for sustainability and renewable energy. And because it’s a new build, your home will be subject to the most current standards of construction. This is good news for energy efficiency and your operation costs over time.

Your pocketbook and the environment will both benefit from: an airtight building envelope, proper insulation techniques, and Energy Star windows and doors. These options and practices keep air conditioning and heat inside the home as appropriate. You’ll be able to count on lower electric and heating bills than those for most older homes. 

4. You Can Enjoy a High-Tech Home

A newly constructed home can also be outfitted with the newest “smart” home technologies.

Technologies like myCommand offer new homeowners:

  • Voice Assistant Device (Alexa, Siri® and Google)
  • Keyless Entry and Remote Garage Access
  • Advanced Wiring for Reliable Connectivity
  • Smart Lighting
  • Programmable Thermostat

Many of these technologies are accessible via voice activation, a huge benefit if you prefer hands-free tech in your home. The builder’s sales team can detail all the newest features that are available for your new home.

5. Take Advantage of Great Amenities

Not only will you experience great amenities within your new construction home, you’ll also benefit from the great location of your new home. Builders often develop the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the area you want to live in. Newer housing communities often offer amenities like community gathering spaces for neighborhood social events, parks, playgrounds, splash pads, pools, walking trails, water features, and so much more than neighborhood that have been around for a while. 

6. Enjoy Peace of Mind

When buying a resale home, there are many details to handle and there are often opportunities for things to go wrong. However, with a new construction home, you’ll be able to rest a little easier. You can be confident that the floorplan, design, appliances, and technologies you have chosen will suit you best. Since everything is brand new, your new home will be low maintenance and there will be fewer costs popping up along the way.

7. Builders Guide You Through the Process

Quality builders such as Brookfield Residential have their own team to help you with how to buy a new construction home. They can even help you get preapproved for home financing if you qualify. You’ll benefit from having a partnership with your building team to guide you throughout the construction of your home. New construction homes also have great warranties that give you even greater peace of mind.

Learn all of the Benefits of a New Construction Home

Building a new home is an exciting adventure that can be more personalized than that often experienced when buying a resale home. There are many more reasons to consider buying a new construction home. If you’re ready to learn more about the process of building a new home and the many benefits, contact Brookfield Residential today. We offer a variety of new construction homes throughout North America and we’ll use our experience and expertise to help you understand your options and get the ball rolling.