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How to Refresh Your Décor for Spring

April 30, 2021
Spring Shelf Styling Brookfield Residential Corporate

Let’s embrace fresh air, sunshine, and the promise of a brand new start. There’s no better time to shake off the winter blues and who isn’t ready for a warm weather refresh? Now that everything is clean and tidy (thanks spring cleaning!), it’s the perfect opportunity to change out your décor to match the change in seasons.

No matter how you describe your home, there’s a spring refresh that will perfectly complement your style.

Create an inviting front entry

Front porch details of homes by Brookfield Residential

Your front porch is where guests get their first impression of your home – it’s like the cover of a book. This is a great area for you to showcase your style throughout the seasons. Here, you can incorporate a floral wreath, use potted plants to frame your doorway, and, if your space allows, update the pillows on your seating area. It gives visitors a hint of what’s inside.

Choose a theme

Pops of pink in homes by Brookfield Residential

Choose a singular theme to focus on for your décor. Find your favorite spring flower to use for a beautiful centerpiece and carry the yellow of the daffodils or the pink in the tulips throughout your home. Other pastel hues such as robin’s egg blue, vibrant coral, calming lavender, or lemon yellow easily transition from spring into summer and can provide pops of color in the form of placemats, dish towels, pillows, and more. The continuity of theme creates harmony through your home giving a relaxing vibe instead of color chaos.

Bring the garden inside

Spring decor details in the foyer of the Robson home in Edmonton, AB by Brookfield Residential

Flowers are the tried-and-true décor of spring and add the perfect pop of color and touch of nature into your home. Go beyond the basic bouquet and try filling a vase with tall floral branches or balancing the femininity of the flowers with industrial pieces like a metal table vase. Go even further with décor such as peel and stick wallpaper (which is a fun play on the 2021 “grand-millennial" design trend), a table runner, or creating a full spring-inspired tablescape. Creating the feeling of a spring home goes beyond the visual so play up other senses with the use of fragrance. Whether you like candles, room sprays, or diffusers, scents like lavender, lemon, orange blossom, lilac, and honeysuckle immediately trigger thoughts of spring.

Balance with some neutrals and texture

Greenery details in homes by Brookfield Residential

Greenery can work as a neutral against all the pops of color and provide a foundation for those accents to shine. Bring in plants (don’t worry, they can be fake, we won’t tell anyone) in the form of a grassy centerpiece or potted succulents. Elevate your kitchen by bringing your herb garden indoors – not only do you add convenience but a stylish talking point as well.

Natural elements of wood, wicker, and woven art in Brookfield Residential Austin, TX

Incorporate neutral-colored textures such as burlap, wicker, or woven art to add visual interest without taking away from the color. The use of wood is a great way to bring in nature while providing a neutral base. Bright whites and soothing creams are another way to enhance the pops while playing off the light and airy feel that comes with spring. It’s time to shake off the weight of winter so swap out the heavy drapes with some sheer white curtains to let the sunshine in and change out the bedding for some bright white linens to give a crisp, clean feel.

Dress up a focal point

Styled shelving in a Brookfield Residential home

Whether it’s the fireplace mantel, your stunning dining room table, or a gorgeous front entry console, your home likely has point that catches the eye – so dress it up even more! If you have built-in shelving this is a great area to style. Choose some foundational pieces such as photos and souvenirs and couple them with items you rotate out each season. Small sculptures, vases, books, anything you love provides an opportunity to update this space to give you that spring feeling.

Carry your spring decorating throughout the home

Master suite in a Brookfield Residential home in Southern California

Colors and emotions are closely linked and spring colors like yellow, orange, pink, and lilac have an uplifting effect on your mood. Small touches of spring in each room can add joy throughout your entire home. Swap out your duvet cover with a fun floral pattern or add some brightly colored pillows to complement your bright white bedding. In your living room you can style your couch with a mix of textured throws and patterned pillows. A bohemian accent rug is a great way to bring in the colors of spring without being overtly bright or floral. Even the inclusion of a floral arrangement in your powder room can bring a spark of joy into an otherwise purely utilitarian space.

Indoor plants in the living and office spaces in homes by Brookfield Residential

Spring is a season where people feel at peace and more in touch with nature. There’s a calming feeling as well as a sense of optimism for what is to come. It’s only natural to want to carry that into our homes as well. Let us help you find your new home to make perfect for spring. We’ll be expecting you!