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How Many Bedrooms Does Your Family Need?

October 26, 2023
Mosaic 6 Primary Bedroom in the Mosaic Portfolio at Brighton Crossings in Brighton CO

It’s a question that seems simple at first, but not so fast. Figuring out how many bedrooms your family needs may require more consideration than you might think. While it’d be ideal for everyone to have their own bedroom, space for a home office, and the ultimate gym/craft/guest room, extra square footage often equals extra money.

Buying a new home is a balance game. You want something that will meet your basic needs while being comfortable to live in. Let’s explore ten factors to consider when deciding how many bedrooms your home should have:

1. Family Size

This might be the most basic consideration in the process. In a perfect situation, each family member would have their own bedroom, and you wouldn’t need any children sharing their space. If you’re a family of four, you may want to start with a baseline of three bedrooms, giving each child space for privacy and future growth.

2. Age of Children

While children often share bedrooms when they are young, they usually prefer their own space as they grow older. If you have young kids and are shopping for a starter home, having your children share a room may be more cost-effective to help stretch your budget. If you’re looking for your forever home or have teenage children, you may want to find a house that can accommodate everyone’s privacy on day one.

3. Future Plans

While knowing exactly what the future holds is impossible, it’s important to consider possible changes that could impact your bedroom requirements. Future sleeping needs could change based on family dynamics, such as starting a new family, downsizing as children grow up and move out, moving parents into the home, or caring for aging relatives.

4. Guest Space

Do you frequently have friends or family staying over? If so, you may want to factor an extra bedroom into your count. When your mother-in-law visits for the holidays, she may be more comfortable having her own space instead of a sleeper sofa.

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Home office study in Terra Plan 7 at The Landing by Brookfield Residential in Tustin CA

Residence 7, Terra Collection, The Landing at Tustin Legacy Community, Tustin, California

5. Home Office

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, many households need space for home offices. If your current role has you working from home all or part of the time, dedicating an extra bedroom as an office may help minimize distractions.

6. Hobbies and Activities

How do you like to spend your free time, and do you have space to do so? Some hobbies, like crafting, working out, or playing an instrument, may benefit from having a dedicated space where you can close the door and focus (and prevent the little ones from entering and creating chaos).

Yoga space in Plan 6 at Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club by Brookfield Residential in Buena Park CA

Residence 6, Villas Collection, Los Coyotes Country Club Community, Buena Park, California

7. Flexibility

You might not know exactly how you want to use an extra bedroom, but you know you’ll benefit from having the space. Maybe you want somewhere for guests when needed, but it can be used as an art studio when no one is visiting. A flex room makes lifestyle changes less complicated and less costly should any arise in the future.

8. Budget

The number of bedrooms in a home can significantly impact price as it’s one of the key factors considered when determining property value. A home with more bedrooms typically has larger square footage and, since homes are often priced per square foot, will typically have a higher sales price simply due to its size. Knowing how much home you can afford may help determine how many bedrooms your future house will have.

9. Lifestyle Preferences

How does your household live, and where does everyone prefer to spend their time? Some families prioritize larger common areas where everyone can gather, while others may value quiet time alone. If you have a child who needs somewhere to decompress after a long school day, ensuring they have a private bedroom may be essential.

10. Resale Value

Even if you’re buying your forever home, it’s important to consider resale value, as life can bring unexpected changes. You may need to relocate for work, your finances may change, or you may realize over time that you have different housing needs than you initially thought. It’s helpful to think about how many bedrooms future potential buyers in your area typically expect, as a home that meets that need may have a better resale value.

Declan Primary Bedroom at Wendell Falls by Brookfield Residential in Wendell NC

Declan Floor Plan, Single Family Homes Collection, Wendell Falls Community, Wendell, North Carolina

Before buying a new home, it’s essential to consider how many bedrooms your family needs. While it’s easy to change the décor, it’s not so easy to change the square footage. The goal is to balance your current needs and future possibilities while staying within budget.

If you need more assistance, connect with our sales team! They’re ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best place to call home. We’ll be expecting you!