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Forward Thinking – Innovating the Home Buying Experience

December 21, 2017
Homebuying at Boulevard in Dublin CA

Brookfield Residential is committed to driving innovation in each new home neighborhood and master-planned community we build. With every decision powered by forward thinking, we understand the need to evolve to meet the growing demands of our customers. With the guiding light being our dedication to bringing joy and convenience to our homebuyers, it is our goal to create the best places to call home—throughout North America.

When it comes to sharing our thoughtful and innovative home designs, virtual reality (VR) was a natural next step in the evolution of the customer experience. Take a look at how we’re using VR technology at Rancho Tesoro, a new master-planned community in San Marcos, California, to transform the way new homes are explored. Here, VR became an essential part of the homebuyer journey, allowing prospects to take virtual tours while the homes were still under construction. The cutting-edge demonstrations even let users explore details down to potential finishes, textures and furniture layouts. This unique preview was made even more accessible by creating a pop-up kiosk at the nearby shopping center. This innovation cemented Brookfield Residential as a homebuilding pioneer in San Diego County, as it was likely the first time that VR was used on a large scale in the area.

Virtual Reality Homebuying Rancho Tesoro San Marcos, CA

We’re also using VR to transform the way future community amenities can be explored. At Boulevard in Dublin, a new master-planned community in Northern California, potential residents can indulge in immersive experiences to better understand the community’s upcoming lifestyle and livability. Imagine touring the dramatic 14,500-sq.-ft. social and fitness center through a VR headset while sitting comfortably at the Welcome Haus sales office. 

Virtual Reality homebuying at Boulevard in Dublin, CA

Creating unique, tangible interactions for community visitors is equally as important. That is why you will see innovative thinking going into our community experiences across North America. From full 360° tours and virtual walkthroughs to drone views of the development in progress, these engaging interactions allow our customers to immerse themselves in a whole new way to find the best places to call home.

We are proud of our forward-looking endeavors that put customers first. And this is just the beginning.