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Fall Holiday Hosting Tips

November 11, 2019
Thanksgiving Table Brookfield Residential

It’s time to give thanks and gather with family and friends. At Brookfield Residential, we know that the holidays can be especially exciting for those who have moved into a new home and are welcoming guests for the first time. Here are a few ideas to make this year’s Thanksgiving one to remember.

Fall Vegetables | Brookfield Residential

A delicious feast deserves a gorgeous accompaniment, and the good news is creating a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn’t have to be difficult. Create a cornucopia with overflowing produce. Mini pumpkins, apples, grapes – let nature’s beauty do the work for you with the bright, bold colors of fruits and vegetables.

Pie | Brookfield Residential

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like pumpkin pie, but you can delight your guests by spicing up the dessert table with non-traditional options and delicious twists on holiday favorites. Try chocolate bourbon pecan pie or one of the many unique apple pie recipes. Or make it easy and offer a selection of your favorite sweet treats from your local bakery.

Family and Friends Sharing Thanksgiving Dinner | Brookfield Residential

Most hosting experts agree that when it comes to Thanksgiving, you have to plan ahead. Keep your holiday stress free by doing your shopping, prep and some of the cooking before the big day. If family and friends offer to bring a dish, accept the help to save you more time. Your guests will love your food and decorations, but most of all, they will be thankful they get to spend more time with you.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season from all of us at Brookfield Residential!