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Fall DIY Decor

September 21, 2016
2016 Fall DIY Decor Brookfield Residential

Celebrate the turn of the season with these fall-inspired DIY crafts – there’s something fun for everyone to try.

  • Nothing marks the coming of fall quite like pumpkins. Add a unique twist to your pumpkin-inspired décor by painting them instead of carving.
  • Fallen leaves make the perfect educational DIY, and little ones are the perfect people to give this leaf alphabet a go.
  • Add your own creative touch to your home décor with these DIY fall decorations. We love all of these stylish ideas!
  • Your front door is about to get festive with these fun wreath ideas.
  • Lastly, invite friends and family over to show off your new decorations and host a Fall Dinner Party.

Happy fall decorating!

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