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Why Do You Love Your Home?

July 04, 2018
Why do you love your home in Toronto, Ontario at Brookfield Residential.

Words straight from our homeowners are the most powerful confirmation to us that we're accomplishing our goal of Building the Best Places to Call Home. While we're always honoured to take home industry awards – like this year's Customer Care Award at the 38th Annual BILD Awards – it's our homeowners' words that are the greatest testament to our success as a homebuilder.

We love being a part of our homeowners' lives and fulfilling their dreams of home ownership and community. But what makes them love their Brookfield homes so much? We chatted with a few homeowners, and today we're here to share their answers!

What do you love most about your Brookfield home?

"It felt like home when I first walked in. I also love the area and the amenities (gym, patio, etc.)." – Diane, The Arbors Condos in Aurora

"Our home satisfies all our needs. We're very pleased with all the builder has done and provided us. People have been very friendly and accommodating. We downsized and made the transition with ease." – John & Laurie, Fieldstone in Mono

"The 20-ft. ceiling in the great room!" – Nick, Foxtrail in Uxbridge

"The energy-efficiency." – Vadym, The Arbors in Aurora

"It's exactly the way we like it, which is the reason we went with Brookfield. It's customized to our tastes and needs, and it reflects us first and foremost. And Brookfield is a good builder for us to work with." – George, Willow Glen in Tottenham

"The service. When I made the offer, there was a sales representative who showed us options and she was very attentive to detail and patient." – Marshall, The Arbors

"The community that Brookfield built is the main thing. This is the second time I've bought a Brookfield home – I moved from The Arbors to Timberlane. Brookfield really thought out the whole community and what the homeowner needs. Throughout the process, there was honest communication and visuals represented exactly what they showed." – Tony, Timberlane in Aurora

"We love that as soon as you enter the home, you realize the openness of the design. The 23-ft ceilings really give the home a beautiful detail in the main living area. We love our front porch, which allows you to sit and catch up on reading or just relax and enjoy the view of the ravine." – Cynthia, The Village in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Families relaxing together

What's one happy detail that surprised you about your Brookfield home and/or community?

"I love the galley kitchen and that the community is close to the highway." – Diane, The Arbors Condos in Aurora

"We are surprisingly pleased with the finishings and dealings with our home. This is our 8th home and we could not be more pleased with it. There are always going to be issues that you will deal with, and with Brookfield the response time was immediate with appointments scheduled in a reasonable period of time." – John & Laurie, Fieldstone in Mono

"The front entrance and that it's a gated community." – Nick, Foxtrail in Uxbridge

"Three things: One, I was surprised that Brookfield's water piping is built better than code. Two, a great furnace intake was installed from all doors which is really cool. And three, the windows are really big and let in a lot of light." – Vadym, The Arbors in Aurora

"The craftsmanship and quality within the home – especially our windows and other components of the home. We have several friends who have bought from other builders, and when we relate our experience to them, one thing that stands out is the craftsmanship and quality that has been put into the Brookfield name. The reputation of this builder has confirmed for us that we made the right choice." – George, Willow Glen in Tottenham

"When we opened the door for the first time after picking our tiles and floors, and we said, ‘Wow, this is exactly what we put together!' Brookfield gives you the ‘Wow!' factor. There are no surprises. What you get is what you get." – Tony, Timberlane in Aurora

"How friendly the community is and that it's really possible to meet someone new each day! Our home is built in such a picturesque community with houses and front porches that invite friendly neighbours to stop for a quick chat." – Cynthia, The Village in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Family reading

Describe your Brookfield home in one word:

House made of positive adjectives

What's your favourite activity to do in your neighbourhood/community?

"Walking." – Diane, The Arbors Condos in Aurora 

"We love walking and exercising outdoors." – John & Laurie, Fieldstone in Mono

"Talking to the neighbours and bringing over a bottle of wine." – Nick, Foxtrail in Uxbridge

"I like to go out for long walks and BBQ." – Vadym, The Arbors in Aurora

"We're outgoing people, we like being aware of what's going on in our community. We take walks and cycle. We go to the conservation area – that's something we were looking for when we saw the advertisement, the small town feel and nature and accessible to the city. We moved here from out of town, and we felt that was an accurate description of what this community has to offer." – George, Willow Glen in Tottenham

"We just moved in so we like to explore a little. I love to go on nature trails and biking with my wife and kids." – Tony, Timberlane in Aurora

"Go for long walks to Old Town and then head back, taking the scenic route along the lake." – Cynthia, The Village in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Young boy and girl, elderly man and baby girl

Anything else you'd like to add?

"I was happy to have a meet-and-greet to get to know the neighbours in July." – Diane, The Arbors Condos in Aurora

"We would love to see the playground built sooner so that our grandchildren will have somewhere to play. We would also like to give a shout-out to Jamie, our Site Superintendent, and Mike, our Finishing Superintendent." – John & Laurie, Fieldstone in Mono

"Service is amazing and within 24 hours. A special mention to Mike and Kurt, Warranty Care Techs from the Customer Care team!"– Nick, Foxtrail in Uxbridge

"We've had quality issues. Most of them have been addressed. Alyssa, Brookfield Residential's Warranty Care Administrator, has dedicated a lot of her time and effort to addressing these issues. She was fantastic and restored my faith in Brookfield. I appreciate that Brookfield Residential took ownership and a huge thanks to Alyssa for coordinating with tradesmen." – Vadym, The Arbors in Aurora

"We were impressed with the level of personalization available – the ability to customize our home at the Inspiration Studio. What sealed our decision was this customization as well as Brookfield's quality and craftsmanship – elements that our friends who bought from other builders didn't receive." – George, Willow Glen in Tottenham

"Sales and after-sales care are spectacular. We have friends who have bought from other builders, but Brookfield goes beyond. The after-sales care tried to make things perfect for us. We look forward to buying more homes in the future." – Tony, Timberlane in Aurora

"I'm really pleased with the quality of the home and the community and neighbouring surroundings." – Cynthia, The Village in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Family picnic

Thanks to all of our homeowners who agreed to be interviewed and to contribute their thoughts and experiences to this blog post! 

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