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No More Chaos: 3 Tips for Back to School Ease

September 03, 2019
Kids running with backpacks back to school Brookfield Residential

Summer break has come to an end, the kids are back to school and the regular school year routines are being put back in place. Gone are the long, laidback days of summer with their flexible bedtimes and endless adventures. Now that September is here, here are some tips and tricks on how to keep up with the craziness!

Back to school checklists - studying - walking the dog with kid and dad | Brookfield Residential

Clockwise from left: illustrated checklists (photo via I Heart Organizing), studying and walking the dog with Dad.

Establish Daily Routines

Having a schedule of daily routines helps to keep your household running smoothly and keeps kids on task as they know what's expected of them. Everything from teeth brushing, dog walking and homework to tidying up toys, helping to pack school lunches and bedtime routines can be part of the schedule. Want to make it easier for everyone to remember and to get on board? Consider using an illustrated checklist on the fridge or on kids' walls so they'll have the satisfaction of ticking off tasks every day. A family calendar can also be helpful to keep track of everyone's major events and activities, and to make daily family planning easy and collaborative.

Back to school - home organization mudroom - kitchen cupboards | Brookfield Residential

From left to right: kid-friendly mudroom (photo via IKEA Hackers) and kitchen cupboards organized for quick and easy school lunches (photo via I Heart Organizing).

Streamline Your Home

Home can quickly start feeling chaotic in September, with new activities, new school supplies and new routines creating a jumble of clutter and mayhem. Having your home streamlined to accommodate the back-to-school schedule can help immensely. Set up a mudroom or hooks and baskets near the front door to neatly store jackets, backpacks and shoes. Organize the bathroom to make getting ready in the mornings a breeze, and help kids organize their closets, donating any clothes that no longer fit. Optimize the kitchen by creating a designated area for lunch boxes, tupperware and thermoses so that assembling school lunches is quick and easy. Another area to consider is a homework spot, so that kids have a ready-to-go quiet place when it's time to study and do assignments.

Back to school fun - kids playing soccer - sports - parents laughing - play date | Brookfield Residential

Clockwise from top left: kids on a soccer team, parents catching up and kids playing in the leaves.

Remember to Have Fun!

The school year requires planning and daily routines, but it's also a lot of fun! Kids and parents alike can enjoy extracurricular activities – like being part of a sports team or a club, or taking a class to learn something new – as well as having regular play dates and outings with friends. Everyone is back from summer vacation, so plan some fun activities in your neighbourhood or your backyard. Enjoy this beautiful season!

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