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How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

May 20, 2020
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Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to decluttering and disinfecting. With the amount of time we’ve been spending in our homes, why not use this as an opportunity to change things up a bit? Angela Marchese, an interior designer at Luxe Design Inc., a design firm regularly used by Brookfield Residential for model merchandising, has some great tips to take your home from winter ready to warm weather fabulous.

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Bring the outdoors in

Easy enough, right? That’s the great thing about this time of year — with everything budding, seeds being planted, new life appears just outside your doorstep. The addition of these branches with blooms in this dining space brings life to this room. Head outside and collect pieces of nature to bring into your home. Trim the ends of your branches and place in a little bit of water. You can use any kind of vase, decorative or clear, or even a pitcher from the kitchen for a unique look.

Add fresh florals

We could all use a little touch of colour these days, so why not brighten up the space by adding fresh flowers? Tulips are a great solution since they are affordable and easily accessible. Go for bright colours for a pop or keep it clean with crisp whites, either way — light and refreshing! Brighten up the outside with some decorative window boxes or a front door wreath to give your home’s exterior a charming, personal touch.

Incorporate natural wood

Find stylish, natural element pieces to elevate your space. Whether it’s a cool light fixture, beach-inspired coffee table, or statement-making barstools, the inclusion of wood tones ties your space together for a chic design with a comfortable, homey feeling.


Update your throw pillows

Something as simple as switching out your throw pillows on your sofas is a little change (that won’t break the bank!), with big impact. Show off your unique style with a mix of patterns and textures — just make sure the colours complement each other for a cohesive feel.


Refresh your bathroom

Don’t forget those small but important rooms in your home that you use daily! Refreshing your bathroom can be as easy as purchasing a new shower curtain, bath mat, or towels. Incorporating some greenery (even if it is faux) adds that much needed hint of nature and energy into the space. Add new drawer pulls for a quick and easy vanity update. Swapping out outdated handles and knobs can refresh the room in no time.


Spruce up your bedroom

Your bedroom should be your retreat — your space to find peace and ready yourself. Swap out your bedding from the heavy winter blankets to something that is lighter and breathable. Use softer, brighter colours to help with the mental shift to spring. If you can, treat yourself to some new pillows. Add in some greenery as well! Not only do plants improve the indoor air quality, but they also add some colour and texture to the space.

Do a purge

Start with the kitchen pantry or a closet or two. Donate items you don’t use or haven’t used in the last year. Pass them down to family or friends or throw them on a buy and sell and make some extra cash. Don’t try and tackle your whole house all at once though — you don’t want this to be an overwhelming experience and lose motivation before you even begin. Break it down and do a little each day; one room or area at a time.

Spring is about feeling like everything is new again, so these simple changes can make you fall in love with your space all over again. It’s a great season to reset, crawl out of winter hibernation, and make some small changes that, in the end, make you feel re-energized.