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DIY Made Simple

April 23, 2019
DIY Made Simple Brookfield Residential

Express your personality and sense of style with #BrookfieldDIY. Several of our show homes feature simple and cost-effective DIY projects that you can easily make yourself! We’ve made sure the projects are functional and sure to impress, and we encourage you to view them in person in one of our #BrookfieldDIY show homes across the city.

DIY Made Simple | Brookfield Residential

Our latest #BrookfieldDIY is a mudroom recycling station and command centre made in partnership with The DIY Mommy. This project helps you sort your recyclables with style and ease, and is a feature in our Brighton show home in Chappelle Gardens.

DIY Made Simple | Brookfield Residential

This particular Brighton model is our Low Carbon Discovery Home, built to reduce emissions and utility bills by producing as much electricity as it consumes, so this green-inspired project was the perfect fit.

DIY Made Simple | Brookfield Residential

Visit for a full tutorial on how to make this and other #BrookfieldDIY projects.